Podcast Gifts

Do you know someone who loves podcasts? Or maybe they love listening to them while driving or jogging. Well, these are the perfect gifts for people who love podcasts. All of these items will make great stocking stuffers and other holiday presents that won’t break the bank!

Best Gift Ideas For Podcast Lovers

Top 5 Best Podcast Gifts

LED Circle Lights with Phone Holder

Check this out, we’ve got some great photo and selfie lighting for those of you (like me) who love to vlog, as well as try some new things with photography. This is a 10-inch ring light with a 50-inch extendable tripod stand that also features sense LED circle lights – they have a longer life than traditional mechanical buttons and provide 3 color modes which include cool white, warm yellow, or daylight.

12/24/2023 10:05 am GMT
Waterproof Action Sport Headphones

These innovative headphones are designed to withstand everything from surfing and paddleboarding to swimming and more. Plus, with Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily control your music while you're in the water.

Whether you're an avid swimmer or just enjoy spending time outdoors, these headphones are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite tunes while enjoying the great outdoors.

Google Wifi

In a world where most people have smartphones, Wifi is just as integral to your life. With unparalleled coverage and eth speed, who needs TV anymore?

Give Google Wifi to the people in your life that don't want any buffering while they're listening and streaming on every amazing-sounding site.

12/24/2023 07:46 am GMT
Computer Desk

This computer writing desk has a sturdy design and makes it perfect for any office, study room, or home workspace. Thanks to the wide tabletop (47.2" x 23.7") everyone can use this simple and modern PC Desk as a workstation for all of their devices when they're not in use; it’s even great for when need to put out someplace where people will be doing homework!

12/24/2023 07:38 am GMT
Sound Proof Padding

Your best friend’s snoring sounds softer in these rooms. Easy to use and easy to place with adhesive backing, Sound-Absorbing Foam will help everyone control the noise level in their home or office so that no one has to sacrifice their peace of mind. Choose from different natural colors and have a peaceful environment when need it most.


Gifts For Podcast Lovers

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Gifts For Podcast Listeners

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Unique Podcast Gifts

Microphone Art Podcast Wall Art

This wall art is perfect for anyone who loves music, or just wants to add a touch of personality to their home. This creates a cool three-dimensional look that is sure to impress everyone who sees it. And, when placed in natural light, the shadow of the wall art tends to move around the art throughout the day – making it even more fun to watch!

Podcaster Gift Caricature

This is the perfect gift for any podcaster, speaker, announcer, or radio personality in your life. With this gift, you can give them a custom cartoon portrait that is made from their own photo. This is a truly unique and amazing gift that they will cherish forever.

Wee Jimmy Deck Wizard DJ

This 3D-printed planter is perfect for any plant lover who wants to get their groove on. Just place your plant into the pot and watch Wee Jimmy spin and scratch away. 

Headphone LED Neon Sign

This amazing sign is perfect for any room in your house or office and is sure to make a big impression on any guests. Featuring a bright and colorful LED design, this sign is sure to stand out, no matter where you put it. And because it's battery-operated, you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

Microphone Lamp

This incredible lamp is made from steel and features 20 LED lights that will create a warm and inviting ambiance in any room. The ultra-thin metal wire and timers function make this lamp both practical and stylish. And we love the distressed look that gives it a vintage feel.


Podcast Birthday Gift

This Bluetooth-enabled Mp3 Player is the perfect gift for any person looking to find a new favorite podcast. With improved sound clarity and battery life, they’ll never need to worry about preparing their phone again!

This mic can be used by any level of talent; its versatile sound will make sound like a pro wherever everyone is! This condenser microphone works for a high-resolution sampling rate, meaning voice will be the smooth, flat frequency response of 30Hz-16kHz–Extended frequency response is excellent for singing, speech and Voice. Extendable tripod design ensures that this mic will stay secure during live performances or recording sessions.

The Bluetooth Beanie is perfect for wearing anywhere, anytime! Great for podcast lovers who love to listen to their favorite show while on the go. Fits any head size and doesn’t need battery power; just use your favorite Bluetooth device with it. It’s warm, stylish, easy-to-clean, durable… basically everything you could want in a winter hat!

Memory foam pillow – perfect sweet escape. No more nodding on your morning commute or worrying about a long flight. Contoured body support and amazingly luxurious breathable construction relieve pressure at all points and make it easy to fall asleep anywhere, anytime. And if all these actions take place during a favorite podcast, it is divine.

This book will guide people through the process of starting their own podcast for all levels, from someone who wants to make their voice heard to a professional influencer. With over 60 pages on how to develop creative ideas and write your idea into something tangible that you can share with others, it’ll help reduce your uncertainty in starting any kind of show.

– “An exciting resource for anyone considering this creative outlet” – Jennifer Rauchberg

Christmas Gifts For Podcast Lovers

The Podcast Journal fool-proof process for getting started in creating, growing, and profiting from your own successful podcast. This easy-to-follow journal walks through each day with prompts that lead through spitting out thoughts on their daily struggles, including how they changed over time…

Funatic socks will show the world that they’re a podcast-lover! The next time someone teases them for caring so much about what people have to say on invisible waves, tell them it’s not just any conversation. They’ve been thinking through all of their questions and have planned out responses in advance for when they inevitably come later…on the feet!

They love listening to your favorite podcast, now enjoy looking at it on the tree! This ornament is shaped like a mic with four different scenes of seasonal trees. They’re tasteful and sophisticated, not cheesy or tacky.

Pillow covers for your favorite podcasts! These pillows can spice up any curious home decor.

Running Buddy creates a pocket at just the right place for all gear. The easy access running belt is created to hold small essentials, with or without a phone, and was designed specifically for runners. It’s the perfect addition to any runner’s wardrobe.

Good Podcast Gifts

This shirt is great. Makes a perfect gift idea to any podcast listener or anyone who loves retro video game systems. They will feel hipster cool wearing this awesome graphic tee because its fit will stretch just enough that it won’t hug tightly at your chest.

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An awesome gift to the podcast lovers in your life. For a comfortable and less-abrasive ride, this chair features adjustable racing style seating that can be raised or lowered, 360 degrees of swivel, flip-up arms for comfort during long listening and working sessions and high density padded armrests.

The bond leather upholstery creates a sleek gaming experience with enough cushioning to avoid back pain during intense competitions. This technologically advanced chair will give everyone the perfect zone you need to be an interesting podcast!

Rapid growing podcast go-ers will love the fun idea of having their favorite recording in progress sign hanging on the doorknob. This super cute and practical gift is perfect for lovers of podcasts who want to keep their habit safe from nosy eavesdroppers with this 3.5″ (8.9cm) x 9.5″(24cm).

Who needs the exterior world when someone has your favorite podcasts? Snuggle up in bed with nothing but these vintage vinyl records and sweet, cozy linen with this set.

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These special bags make it easy to store all of your bedding and linens, saving space in the bedroom. The bag features reinforced seams for increased strength and a transparent pocket that lets you quickly identify what item is inside.

Funny Podcast Gifts

Gifts For Podcast Fans

Podcast Quotes Wall Decor

The wall décor features a witty quote about podcasts that is sure to inspire and motivate. 

Podcast Vibes Sticker

This super durable, weather and water-proof sticker are perfect for showing your love of podcasts. It's also dishwasher safe, so you can show your support for your favorite audio shows even while doing the dishes. The matte finish gives it a subtle look that's perfect for any surface, and the holographic version is extra glossy with an iridescent shine. 

Leather Shoulder Bag

Made from original leather in two beautiful colors, this bag is large enough to fit all your essentials but also comes with a handy zippered front pocket for easy access to your most important items. Inside, you'll find a phone pocket and card pocket to keep everything organized, plus a handy key ring so you'll never lose your keys again! Whether you're headed to the office or out for a day of shopping, this is the perfect bag for any occasion.

Extra Care Hygge Box

This box is packed full of items to help you enjoy the moment and make the ordinary day more beautiful, meaningful, and special. Included in this box are a hand cream, coffee or tea, 12 cookies with chocolate, ecological organic honey, essential oil, syrup, and a candle. This box makes for the perfect gift for your friends, colleagues, family members, or loved ones - or even for yourself! 

Personalized Music Necklace

This exquisite piece can be customized with a name and symbol of your choice, making it truly cute. Made from hypoallergenic materials, our necklace is perfect for everyday use.


Podcast Lover Gifts

Gifts For Podcast Creators

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Thank You Podcast Gifts

Thanks for Being Awesome Notebook

This is the perfect notebook for anyone who wants to journal their thoughts, record their work, or just have a place to be creative. The cover is glossy thick cardstock that looks great and feels great in your hands. Inside, you'll find 80 pages of lined paper that are perfect for writing down whatever comes to mind. 

Thank You Gift Never Forget

This is a gift that will really make a difference in someone's life. It's perfect for a friend, colleague, or anyone you think deserves a little thanks. The ceramic heart with a quote is a beautiful keepsake, and the cotton drawstring bag makes it arrive ready to gift.

Letterpress Thanks Cards

The perfect way to show you care, each card is printed one at a time on a vintage letterpress, making this a truly unique way to say thanks. Whether it's for a gift, an act of kindness, or simply to show you're thinking of someone, this is the perfect way to spread some happiness. 

Thanks Gift Chocolate Bar Wrapper

Simply print at home, cut out, and wrap around your favorite chocolate. You can even add your own personal touch by adding a message on the back. 

Thank You Gift Box

Show your gratitude with this stunning Thank You gift box. It's packed full of thoughtful treats that will put a smile on anyone face.


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