Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

What are some great gifts for 11-year-old boys? There’s a wide variety of things that you can get for this age group, and I’ll help to break it down in the following blog post. We’ll look at toys, games, clothing, and much more.

You should always remember that 11-year-olds don’t want something too babyish or too grown up – so keep an eye out for items that strike the right balance between fun and maturity!

Last-minute Gift Ideas For 11 Year Old Boys

Top 5 Best Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

Electronics Exploration Kit

This kit is the perfect way for kids to get creative with electricity. With 100 different circuit projects and over 30 electronic parts, they can make everything from a flashing light to a siren. And because there's no soldering required, it's safe for children to do it on their own.

12/24/2023 05:28 pm GMT
Personalized Portrait of Louis XV

Each portrait is custom-made using your own photo, and talented artists take great care in ensuring that each painting is an accurate representation of the subject. Creators even dress them in historical attire to really make the experience come alive! Whether you're wanting to commemorate a special occasion or just give a loved one a truly memorable gift, our personalized portraits are the perfect solution. 

Waterproof Action Sport Headphones

These innovative headphones are designed to withstand everything from surfing and paddleboarding to swimming and more. Plus, with Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily control your music while you're in the water.

Whether you're an avid swimmer or just enjoy spending time outdoors, these headphones are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite tunes while enjoying the great outdoors.

3D Paper Fox

The 3D Paper Black Fox is a perfect accent piece for any family or home. Not only does this pre-cut and pre-folded paper craft add life and character to any space, but it’s also an excellent bonding opportunity for friends and family of all ages.

Disconnect from devices and reconnect to creativity as you assemble your foxy friend! Enjoy the calming, rewarding experience that comes with putting together this unique craft.

With its symbolic reminder to approach every situation with scrutiny, the 3D Paper Fox encourages creativity, imagination, and curiosity - even for those who are not arts and crafts enthusiasts.

All pieces come numbered for ease of assembly - no difficult trimming required! Simply follow the instructions provided, be patient, take your time, and have fun creating something special that will get noticed!

Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike for Children
$299.99 $238.90

This high-performance bike is the ultimate side-runner for your 11-year-old boy. Constructed with steel and tough machined aluminum, this rugged ride isn't just a pretty face: the powerful front and rear brakes will stop on a dime and features 4 pegs that offer every trick imaginable.

For boys who always find adventure around the corner, this is one gift they'll never forget!

12/24/2023 05:36 pm GMT
Harry Potter Wizard Chess Set

Harry Potter Wizard Chess is one of the most magical games in your favorite bookstore or corner store. Harry Potter Wizards' Chess includes everything a boy needs for hours of fun! 100% plastic officially approved by Warner Brothers, this set features chess pieces and a game board.

Even if he doesn't know how to play chess but loves to pretend that he can, this game is perfect for role-playing wizards like himself. He will be able to challenge his friends, young and old in the next battle at Hogwarts with really moving figures!

12/24/2023 05:20 pm GMT

Birthday Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

Nintendo Switch Lite

The Nintendo Switch Lite is the perfect game console for kids and adults alike. It features a battery life of up to 9 hours, making it perfect for long gaming sessions. The Switch Lite can be used in handheld mode or hooked up to a TV, making it extremely versatile.

12/24/2023 05:15 pm GMT
Wire Balance Game

This exciting game is perfect for 1-4 players and is sure to have everyone on the edge of their seats. Not only is it a blast to play, but it also helps children develop important skills like hand-eye coordination and cognitive abilities. 

12/24/2023 05:03 pm GMT
Elenco Teach Tech “Hydrobot Arm Kit”

This unique kit allows builders to create their own hydrobot arm that can be used to move, grip, and even pick up objects with a suction cup. Children will love learning about robotics and engineering while having a blast building their very own hydrobot arm.

12/24/2023 04:48 pm GMT
11 Years Old Birthday T-shirt Gamer Boys

Number eleven by the age of one. Makes a fun gift for a boy who is about to celebrate their 11th birthday!

Dartboard Set

Every boy would love the excitement of a competitive game, and this board setup will give them a chance to beat you with darts!

Healing sisal fibers mean that the dartboard is ready for high-stakes play, all night long. With a steel-spider wire that works as an anchor point to prevent bounce-outs, it's sure to be your favorite dueling spot. Plus, purchase one today and get two sets of darts so there's always someone up for some fun!

12/24/2023 05:02 pm GMT

Gaming Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

Game Controller Cushion

This delightful cushion is crafted in the shape of a game controller and will bring a smile to any gamer's face.

The cushion is made from high-quality materials and is exceptionally comfortable, making it the perfect addition to any gaming setup. 

Personalized Gamertag Light Sign

This custom sign is perfect for any gaming room, office, or bedroom. With a colorful LED backlight, this sign can be personalized with any gamertag, streamer name, or gaming logo. It also makes a great gift for any gamer or streamer in your life.

Iron Man Headphone Stand

This is the perfect way to store headphones or gaming headsets, and it makes a great addition to any desk or gaming setup. Iron Man is one of the most popular superheroes, and this stand is a must-have for any fan of the Marvel comics and movies. It's also a great gift for collectors and avid gamers. 

Gaming Keyboard

This keyboard is equipped with Razer Optical switches, which are 30% faster than traditional mechanical switches. The quality aluminum construction and oil-resistant keycaps provide durability and a long-lasting look. Plus, the fully programmable macros allow you to complete complex commands with a simple key press. 

12/24/2023 04:48 pm GMT
Darth Vader - Controller and Device Holder

This must-have accessory for any gaming fan is styled on the iconic Star Wars character and is perfect for holding your PlayStation or Xbox controllers. It also works with all models of cell phones, making it a handy addition to your home or office.

12/24/2023 04:44 pm GMT

Good Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

PlayStation 5 Console

Give your child the opportunity to celebrate their childhood in a new way. Discover the future of gaming with PlayStation 5, a console that lets you play slower but better - lightning-fast, without any cuts.

He can develop imagination and explore worlds limited only by their creativity. Immersive, immersive gameplay spurs them into on-screen action like never before, with tactile feedback for realistic gameplay every time.

12/24/2023 04:19 pm GMT
Impact Foam Tip Kids Bow and Arrow

This set provides continuous action - shooting arrows up to 100 feet away will have the coolest kid with the fastest bow in town! Made of high-quality material, it is lightweight yet durable.

Parents can rest assured that this is a completely safe design, no latex or phthalates are used for guaranteed safety. Additional arrow parts can be loaded into a handy quiver that can hold 6 arrows. The best thing? He will get all this pleasure without even breaking a sweat!

12/24/2023 04:17 pm GMT
Glass Pen Set

This is an excellent set for beginners and advanced calligraphers alike, with everything he could need to complete any project. The glass dip pen adds a classical yet unique feel, making his creations seem undeniably luxurious and high-end. This pen set is perfect for people of all ages who are interested in getting into calligraphy — with its simple instructions.

This would be an excellent gift for an 11-year-old boy.

Whether they're looking to make quality cards or create some elegant scripts like those on Starbucks cups, these pens will do it all with ease thanks to the 12 vibrant ink colors, which contain gold powder to make designs shimmer.

12/24/2023 03:58 pm GMT
Schylling Joke Box

This box comes with eight classic gags, sure to get a laugh out of anyone. From goofy teeth and a hand buzzer to fake blood and vomit, there's something for everyone in this jumbo joke box. So go ahead and indulge in your mischievous side - the jokes on them this time!

12/24/2023 04:03 pm GMT
Klutz Lego Make Your Own Movie

This awesome book comes with step-by-step instructions on how to make ten mini-movies using the Official Lego guide to stop-motion animation. 


Fun Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

Coolest New Twist on the Game of Catch

This great set includes a launching hook, a catching net, and a comfortable, ergonomic handle. You can easily aim your shot by pointing the racquet towards your target and pulling back and releasing. The ball easily flies up to 100'.

When it's time to catch, simply position your net in front of the incoming ball. The deep net easily traps the ball and makes catching a snap. This great game is perfect for family fun!

12/24/2023 03:34 pm GMT
Original Harry Potter 2.0 Flash Drive

The original Harry Potter is in a handy USB stick that holds anything in a snap! 'Mischief managed!'

12/24/2023 03:11 pm GMT
Chicken Nugget Pet

Well, now you can with the Chicken Nugget Pet! This little guy is the perfect companion for any chicken nugget lover. He's always up for a photo op and loves to travel, so he's perfect for your next adventure. Plus, he comes in his own little acrylic dome home, so you can take him with you wherever you go.

Tic Tac Gun

This rubber band and the spring-powered gun are great for fun and perfect for getting your daily dose of Tic Tacs. 

Fun Gel Pen With LED Light Gadget

This pen is shaped like a gun, but please note its small size. So if you're looking for a pen that's not only fun but also practical, this is the one for you!


Cool Christmas Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

Bike Lights for Night Riding

The newest, most excellent bicycle accessory in the marketplace! These high-lighted LED lights will make his bike stick out from all others in a good way.

Always visible and safe with Activ Lites light system to the front and back of you, plus extra attention from being seen from every angle.

These are lifestyle items that decorate just as beautifully as they function. A cool gift for any boy this age.

12/24/2023 03:51 pm GMT
Flipslide Game
$17.99 $15.29

Flip and slide through a series of blocks to find the right color. Master the moves and challenge friends with four options: Memory, Multiplayer, Speed, or Level Mode.

12/24/2023 03:51 pm GMT
The Mug with a Hoop

This innovative and original mug is perfect for anyone who loves to play with their food. Whether you're shooting mini marshmallows into your hot cocoa, cereal into milk, or toppings onto ice cream, this mug is sure to make breakfast more fun.

12/24/2023 03:30 pm GMT
Original ZZZOPA Fidget Balls: GOALLL!
$12.80 $9.99

From spinning and balancing to stacking and bouncing, these versatile balls are perfect for fidgeting fun. And because they're from the same manufacturer as the original Oz balls, you know they're of the highest quality. 

12/24/2023 03:11 pm GMT
Boys Metal Drinks Sports Water Bottle

Whether children are at school or busy playing football, you know that keeping them well-hydrated will help them stay healthy and active throughout their day.

Engrave any name or text up to 10 characters long on the side of the bottle so they'll never forget who gave this thoughtful gift.


Sports Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

Sports Silicone Airpod

This cute and sporty design is perfect for boys and kids. Made of high-quality soft silicone, it's durable and shockproof, making it the perfect gift for every sports lover.

Sports Design Pillow Cover

With hundreds of models and vivid colors to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your own personal style. These sport ball pattern pillowcases are especially stylish and make for a great decoration in any room. The realistic prints and high-quality fabric will make these pillowcases a favorite in your home for years to come.

Personalized Care Sport Buckets

These fun and festive buckets are filled with all sorts of goodies, from bubbles and whistles to sports-themed candy-filled eggs and balls. And best of all, they can be personalized with the name of your choice. So whether you're looking for a birthday present, a care package for a loved one, or just a fun surprise, these sports buckets are sure to please.

LED Light Up Basketball
$28.99 $22.70

This high-quality basketball is soft, light, and leak-proof, making it perfect for nighttime games. The built-in LED lights ensure maximum visibility in the dark, and the extra batteries included mean you'll never be left in the dark. 

12/24/2023 03:06 pm GMT
KICK Legend 55" Foosball Table

This Soccer Table has everything the teenage boy needs to be entertained and ready for all occasions. Versatility is key in life as it helps us connect with our friends on a personal level. Why not have an assortment of different players?

12/24/2023 02:33 pm GMT

Great Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

Ultra NBA Pijamas

When your child can't sleep, what do you give him? A bedtime story? An extra glass of water to help relax and unwind before bedtime? Well, that's not exactly fair. You must also want him in a cozy pair of NBA Pajamas, celebrating his favorite team with the comfort and style only soft pajama pants and a comfortable tee could provide.

These clothes are perfect for slumber parties or sleeping alone every night!

12/24/2023 02:28 pm GMT
LEGO Star Wars R2-D2 Building Set

Grab your 123 Star Wars Premium Quality Set today and gift the opportunity to create this iconic character from anywhere in the galaxy. When the guy has finished building the trusty Wedgie Wedge Antilles, take him off the booth and reinstate his best friend to live long and thrive wherever you love him.

This LEGO-based model is packed with authentic details, including a retractable midfoot, swivel head, opening and retractable front hatches, and a lightsaber hidden inside! The perfect gift for nimble 11-year-olds who need their own mini droid and one they can show to all their friends.

12/24/2023 02:13 pm GMT
Skateboards for Beginners
$49.99 $39.99

Perfect for beginners or experienced skateboarders, these sturdy and reliable boards increase your speed on smooth surfaces. The guy will experience super-smooth wheels that can ride gracefully over uneven surfaces without worry.

Plus, try out new tricks with this asymmetrical concave double-hitting combo - perfect for both beginners and experienced ones!

12/24/2023 02:18 pm GMT
Astronomical Telescope for Kids

This telescope is perfect for the inquisitive young minds in your life. The product was designed by people who know kids like their imaginations! Use it to explore space, spy on aliens (over there!), and maybe you'll see some ghosts too...

Your child will be able to look at things like moon craters, multitudes of galaxies out there in the universe--even the eclipsing binary stars in our own backyard. Exciting stuff for kids turned explorers looking through a telescope they built themselves!

12/23/2023 04:30 am GMT
Bean Boozled Spinner Gift Box Game
$9.53 ($2.72 / Ounce)

This game is sure to provide hours of entertainment for your kids, as they try to guess which flavor of jelly bean they are eating.

12/24/2023 02:13 pm GMT
Coding Robot for Kids

Cue is an engagingly sophisticated robot that inspires hours of creative problem-solving and incorporates all three routes to coding proficiency. It also features a state-machine-based language, Wonder, as well as four interactive AI personalities with different quirks and abilities.

Great STEM Science Gift

Kids will love the thrill of cracking them open to see a natural beauty inside. These geodes are great for kids looking to explore science and geology, as well as make a beautiful gift for boys!

12/24/2023 01:48 pm GMT
Glow in The Dark Shooting Games
$26.99 $24.99

This multi-player target shooting game set includes everything you need to take down enemies from up to 20 feet away. The gun toy foam darts are compatible with Nerf guns, targets, and accessories, making this the perfect indoor activity for kids. Whether you're playing by yourself or with friends, the Astroshot Zero GX is perfect for any starfighter looking for a challenge.

12/24/2023 01:42 pm GMT
Junior Metal Detector

The Junior Metal Detector is the perfect tool for kids who want to start their own treasure-hunting expedition! With an adjustable sensitivity that can detect objects up to 7 inches underground, this metal detector is guaranteed to provide hours of fun.

The collapsible and portable design makes it easy to store and transport, while the padded arm strap and comfortable grip make it comfortable for all treasure hunters to use.

11th Birthday Newspaper Poster

This fun and personalized gift are perfect for a boy or girl celebrating their 11th birthday. It's a fun way to look back at all of the big events that took place in their life, and it's sure to be a cherished keepsake. 


Small Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

Shark Slippers
$30.00 $19.79

These darling clog-style boys' slippers come with super fun animal designs, cozy fabric options, and memory foam to keep their toes warm. Slipper gifts for 11 years old boys are great for everyday use or keeping them toasty on the coldest days of winter (or vacations).

12/24/2023 01:19 pm GMT
Marvel Spiderman Casual Socks
$12.48 $9.36

This product is an excellent choice of gift for boys! These socks are made to be tough and yet still look adorable. People will ask where you got your Spiderman crew socks from because these are so unique they can't find them anywhere else!

12/24/2023 01:13 pm GMT
Cute Ducky Pipe Small Yellow Duck

This beautiful pipe is handmade with 100% eco-friendly natural materials, making it a reliable and durable option for your smoking needs. The ceramic material also cools smoke better than glass or wooden pipes, providing a smooth and enjoyable smoking experience.

Klutz Book of Paper Airplanes Craft Kit

Paper Airplanes Craft Kit is the perfect way to get your kids into the world of aeronautics! With 10 different planes to choose from, they can experiment with a variety of designs and see which ones fly the best. The included 56-page instructional book provides Klutz-certified crystal-clear instructions, so they'll be up and flying in no time. 

12/24/2023 01:13 pm GMT
App-Enabled Robot Ball

This innovative little bot is designed to inspire creativity and curiosity through coding and play. With programmable sensors, LED lights, and a scratch-resistant, waterproof design, SPRK+ is perfect for hours of endless fun.

12/24/2023 12:34 pm GMT

Big Gifts for 11 Year Old Boys

Pokemon Snorlax Animal Doll Plush Toys

This adorable Doll plush toy is perfect for any fan of the popular anime series. Made of soft plush material, it's great for cuddling and playing. It's also a perfect collector's item for any Pokemon fan.

Sports Kids Teeball and Baseball Batting Tee

This unique tee features a hanging design that suspends the ball anywhere from 18" to 26" off the ground, perfect for developing hand-eye coordination. And when your child is ready for more of a challenge, simply remove the hanging attachment to turn it into a traditional batting tee in seconds! 

12/24/2023 12:29 pm GMT
GOLD Basketball Holder

It comes with a wall mount and screws, so everyone can put it up right away. This holder is perfect for showing off all skills or displaying collectible basketballs. It also makes a great gift for the basketball lover in your life! 

Moon Bouncy Shoes
$39.99 $29.99

These amazing shoes allow you to have all the fun of a trampoline, right on your feet! With their anti-gravity effects, you can bounce your way to fun anywhere – indoors or out! And because they're made of durable rubber, they can even stand up to some extreme hopping and jumping. 

12/24/2023 12:29 pm GMT
Gaming Ergonomic Racing Style Chair

This premium leather chair is upholstered in leather and contrasting colored upholstery for an aggressive style and cool feel. The chair also features height adjustment, center-tilt control, flip-up arms, and 360 degrees of swivel.

12/24/2023 12:11 pm GMT

Christmas Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

Beginner 36” Classical Acoustic Guitar

For the little rockstar in your life, this complete beginner guitar pack is perfect for all that they need to learn how to play! This set features everything might need, from a gig bag and picks to spare strings and tuners. The size of this starter guitar makes it great for use with lessons or rehearsals. And since each instrument is handcrafted by linden wood body-builders, you know kids are getting a uniquely designed experience with their own piece of music gear!

12/24/2023 12:11 pm GMT
STEM Building Toys for Kids

Remote Control STEM Toy Cars are the perfect vehicle for boys to enjoy building, moving, driving, turning, and spinning. This ultimate STEM toy car set lets you build an off-road truck or racecar! With your child’s imagination as the only limit, these DIY blocks toys foster creativity while teaching construction skills like spatial awareness.

12/24/2023 12:03 pm GMT
Phone Holder

The perfect stocking stuffer for anyone who loves their mobile phone, this holder is handmade from eco-friendly materials and comes in 15 different colors. Measuring 8x8cm, it's the perfect size to prop up your phone while you're watching videos, working from home, or just relaxing. 

Guardian of Time Robot Handmade Necklace

This intricately designed pendant is handmade from electronic parts and resin, making it a truly unique piece. The stylish titanium steel chain ensures that this necklace will make a statement wherever you go.

Interactive Green Glow T-shirt

This unique T-shirt allows you to create your own designs with the included Glow Pen or a mobile phone torch. The glow effect lasts between 5-10 minutes, perfect for a day or night out. The T-shirts are machine washable and 100% cotton, making them perfect for a festival or party. 


Easter Gifts For 11 Year Old Boys

Easter Chocolate Gift Box

Easter is on its way and what better way to celebrate than with a delicious box of chocolates! Creators put together a delightful selection of Easter chocolates, perfect for enjoying with family and friends.

Easter Keepsake Tin With Chocolate

Choose from one of three illustrations, then add your chosen name and message for the printed label - making this gift extra personal and special. The tin comes with a foil-wrapped chocolate bar, making it the perfect little treat!

Happy Easter Chocolate Poem Gift Box

The perfect way to show your friends and family how much you care. This fun and festive box are filled with all of their favorite chocolate treats. Plus, it comes with a beautiful poem card that will make Easter even more special. 

Rabbit Gift Box Bunny

With this template, you can make your own paper sculpture of a cute bunny rabbit. Perfect for decorating your home or giving as a gift, this sculpture is sure to please. The template comes in plain white color, but you can use your creativity to decorate it with patterned or colored paper of your own choice.

ThinkFun Minecraft Magnetic Travel Puzzle

With this magnetic travel puzzle, you can take your favorite block-building game anywhere you go. The puzzle includes 9 magnetic Minecraft items, an instruction manual, and a challenge booklet containing 40 beginner-to-expert challenges and solutions. 

12/24/2023 12:03 pm GMT

Mug Gifts For Boys

Minecraft Coffee Mug
$16.99 $15.53

12/23/2023 04:36 pm GMT
“Tea Rex” Sculpted Mug
12/24/2023 11:55 am GMT

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