Funny Secret Santa Gifts

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It is that time of year again, the holiday season. Secret Santa gift exchanges are taking place worldwide, and it is up to you to find some great gift ideas for your co-workers or friends. Hopefully, this blog post will help!

I have put together a list of our favorite funny Secret Santa gift ideas so you can take advantage of them this Christmas or other occasions.

Top Last-Minute Funny Secret Santa Gifts

Top 5 Best Funny Secret Santa Gifts

The Dammit Doll is a time-honored toy guaranteed to either cheer up everyone’s day or help relieve some pent-up frustrations. A stress reliever for everyone, this age-old gag gift or therapeutic tool can bring any frown upside down! So go ahead and smash the heck out of it to let all that bad energy escape and help yourself get back on track without harming anything other than good old-fashioned frustration.

Great for anyone who wants to have a laugh at other people’s expense an excellent source of irony. And they’re small! The pad is 4×5.25 inches and has 50 sheets that come in the magical colors of White and Black. Improve your section-sharing messages with these little notepads that give you a good dose of snark when you want it most. Now only if we could use them on my boss…

People love these cute sloths and they love their coffee. The days of drinking from paper cups are long gone with the adoption of 3D mug mugs that create a fun environment for all to enjoy your favorite hot beverage every morning. It’s the perfect way to start your day so it has more meaning!

The mug is perfect for friends who need late-night sips and are short on time because all you have to do is flip or roll him over and he’ll brew up an amazingly tasty drink in no time flat. He’s easy to hold onto with his ergonomic grip handle too—because drinking from his face would just be weird, not good taste at all!

These ideas are the perfect way to show appreciation to that special longtime coworker or reward the best worker. These cards will make their day bright with laughter and cheer them up any weekday at work!

What a great way to tell your friends how you feel about an event. These finger puppets of the middle finger come in packs of 5, each with its own unique twist of design and color. Each puppet is skin-safe, flexible but firm enough to retain its shape touch aftertouch. A great gift for anyone who gets annoyed or frustrated by life’s little annoyances…some people call it “MFU” style!

Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Guys

Funny Bacon Flavored Toothpaste

This toothpaste has a strong bacon flavor, a smoky smell, and a hint of mint to counteract the strong bacon taste and add freshness.

Funny Christmas Socks

Available in men's and women's styles, socks are made from high-quality materials and can be personalized with pink, white, or gold writing. They make the perfect stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift!

Phone Holder

These 3D printed holders are eco-friendly and available in different styles to suit any personality.


Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Work Colleagues

I Will Not Keep Calm Stress Ball

This ball is specifically designed to help let off some steam and relieve stress. It's made of a squishy, smooth membrane that's water-filled, so it's perfect for giving your hands a good workout.

Funny Secret Santa Gift

Not sure what to get your secret Santa this year? Why not let them know exactly what you think of them with this funny card and keyring? The keyring will be selected at random, but it's sure to put a smile on their face.

Funny Secret Santa Gift Snowman Poop

This Funny Secret Santa Gift Snowman Poop is a great way to spread some holiday cheer! These cute little bags come with a tag that you can choose to have either a reindeer or snowman on. 


Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Men

Eat My Meat Coochie Board

This hilarious cheese board is perfect for a friend who has everything. Made from rustic wood, each board is unique and comes with either the phrase "Look at my small coochi" or "Eat my meat" laser engraved on it.

Sphincter Shrinker Chili Soup Can Labels

These funny can labels are sure to get a laugh. Makes the perfect funny gift! 

Belly Button Cleaner Joke Gift

This fun and quirky gift are perfect for birthdays, Secret Santa, or any other special occasion. The Belly Button Cleaner comes in several different versions, including a Christmas version, a heart version, and a travel version. Each version comes with a different charm or bead, making it even more unique and special. 


Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Her

Warning Diet Zone Desktop Sign

The Warning Diet Zone Desktop Sign is a fun and novelty desk sign that will make them laugh. The sign is also a great way to avoid any awkward conversations about diets and food choices. The sign is made from high-quality materials and is built to last.

Barry Wood Sitting on Bed Meme Mug

This hilarious mug is perfect for anyone who loves a good joke. Simply pour in hot liquid to see the image reveal itself. This mug makes a great gag gift for friends or family.

Quirky Earrings

Not only are they eye-catching and sure to get you noticed, but they’re also bound to make everyone smile. So go ahead and show off your quirky side!


Funny Adult Secret Santa Gifts

Alcohol Stocking Filler

 Made using a colored glue-like liquid, they can be left empty or filled with your favorite tipple, making them the perfect addition to any Christmas stocking. And with a variety of label options to choose from, you can personalize them to suit your own style.

Willy Toothbrush Set

This unique gift set includes two toothbrushes - one for the lady and one for the man. Each toothbrush is decorated with a 'willy' to add a bit of fun and humor to the gift. The Willy Toothbrush Set is perfect for any Occasion and is sure to be a hit with whoever you give it to.

Christmas Adult Decoration Santa Pubes

These lucky charms are sure to bring you good luck and fortune in the new year. Each bottle is full of Santa's curly fur and comes with a red and white cord for hanging. Choose from Santa's pubes or lucky elf pubes, and add some extra holiday cheer to your home. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind decoration!


Secret Santa Gifts for Motorbike Lovers

Motorbike Candle

This large, scented candle comes in a motorcycle shape that is sure to stand out. Perfect for biker enthusiasts, this candle makes a great gift or addition to your own home. 

Motorbike Lovers Gift

This lamp is handcrafted from beautiful walnut wood and can be customized with 16 different colors and 4 different color-changing modes.

Motorbike Necklace

This antique silver charm necklace is perfect for anyone who loves motorcycles. This would make a great gift for a birthday, holiday, or any other special occasion. 


Weird Secret Santa Gifts

Joke Polo Mint

This fun novelty gift is perfect for secret Santa or just a joke present. 

Hot Dog Soap Set

Made with moisturizing ingredients, this soap set looks just like the real thing. They would make the perfect gift for any prankster or even something special for yourself. Place it in a guest bathroom and watch your guest's faces when they realize it's all soap! 

Whiskey Flavoured Lip

This luxurious lip balm is made from 99% organic ingredients, free from petroleum jelly, and packed full of protective goodness. The delicate whiskey flavor is the perfect way to keep lips hydrated and looking great.


Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Family

Who else’s favorite foods are cookies? Who doesn’t love blankets? Wrap yourself in this two-sided comfy, soft blanket that will complement every home décor. The cookie side is perfect for snuggles on the couch or reading a book under it during rainy days. Another side of the blanket feels like an actual cake to give you warmth when winter comes. Double-sided mystery gifts with sprinkles- see if people can guess what it is before they open their Gift!

Plush Sea mammal toys make great festive gifts for the ocean lover in your life! Stuffed seal Gidlo can be used as a hug pillow, nap pillow, or even to cuddle with on the couch. It’s cute, comfy, and easy to take anywhere!

Jingle bells, jingle bells! We all know and love Brownie Elf and his little elves. Take a look at this gift set with 6 pairs of socks for one great price. Whether it’s snowing or not, you can’t help but be in an elf mood when there’s such a festive red sock right near the fireplace with the words “BE MERRY” written on them. These fuzzy socks will keep feet warm throughout winter as snuggle up by the fire to read that long-awaited book from last year that everyone is talking about.

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These creative, unbreakable stemless glasses are perfect for drinking beer, old-fashioned cocktails, whisky, and red or white wine.

For Secret Santa Gifts, I know how to get you the best people in your life with a Christmas hat! These hats will always do the trick for crazy hat events and the holidays so jump in and say BUY. It’s worth every cent since these hats can be used year after year in some of your family’s most hilarious photos.

The Kitchen Sponge Holder is a new product on the marketplace that will keep your kitchen sink clean and organized. The plate-shaped sponge holder is designed to create a comfy space for your scrubber, complete with two pillow inserts. It comes in both metal and plastic and fits all standard or thin toiletries so you never have to use different sponges again! Best of all, the plate’s bright images will be sure to brighten up any kitchen post-dishwashing.

The perfect gift for your man put his face on these boxer briefs and watch him wear them anywhere he goes. Breathable fabric with stretch waistbands will keep them comfortable all day long. Standard sizes, so one size fits most guys. Air dry in the closet or in the machine to be ready any time you want. Great alternative when it comes to giving Christmas gifts!

The IronBuddy rabbit hat moves and pops up when you press its paw. The ironBuddy collection includes a bunny ear moving hat, flamingo snow moving hat, monkey hand-cranking toy, etc. All for cute fun!

Funny but Useful Secret Santa Gifts

Secret Santa Says Relax

This luxurious gift set includes three indulgent self-care items that are perfect for helping unwind after a long day. Each sachet is made with 100% natural ingredients and essential oils, to leave skin feeling refreshed and revitalized. 

New Brew Sloth Tea Infuser Fun

This clever little infuser is made of BPA-free, food-grade silicone and is safe and easy to clean. So next time you're looking for a relaxing cup of tea, reach for the "Slow Brew" Sloth Tea Infuser and enjoy every last drop!

Coddies Loafers Bread Slippers

These unique loafers are made to resemble fresh, hot baker's loaves, giving you the ultimate comfort and style. The slip-on design makes them easy to wear indoors or outdoors, and the safe, anti-skid construction ensures that nobody won't slips while wearing them. 


Hilarious Secret Santa Gifts

Funny Gag Gifts Snowman Balls

These unique body butter are perfect for anyone who loves a good laugh. Made with natural ingredients, they melt in high temperatures and return to their original consistency at room temperature. They make a great Christmas gift for men or anyone who appreciates a good joke. 

Black and White Dice Dangle Earrings

These earrings feature black/white/mixed color dice charms on hypoallergenic stainless steel earring hooks, making them perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Hot Sauce Sample

This mini-pack is the perfect way to try all of our sauces before you commit to any one sauce! It has everything for the Hot Sauce lover in your life! A variety of flavors ranging from Jalapeño, Habanero, Scotch Bonnet, AND Ghost & Trinidadian Scorpion Peppers. 


Silly Secret Santa Gifts

Shrek Pooping Toothpaste Topper

This hilarious product is sure to get a laugh out of everyone who sees it. Not only is it funny, but it's also a great way to get everyone to brush their teeth. Just attach the topper to your toothpaste and watch as Shrek poops out toothpaste! It's sure to be a hit with the whole family.

Jelly Willies Novelty Food

Everybody loves gummies- the ultimate adult novelty candy. Chew on three different flavors, fun to share and fun to eat, these are great for adult parties.

Gift Not Included Batteries Only Silly

This novelty item is perfect for the office secret Santa, or anyone who is hard to buy for.



Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Friends

A creative, witty, engaging way to celebrate any event or give a gift to someone’s friend! You are never too old for bathroom humor. Each urinal shot glass contains about 2 ounces of liquid and is made from ceramic material for durability and dishwasher safe use. The set includes two urinal shot glasses in one pack- perfect for coworkers, family members, or friends. There’s no denying these novelty drinking glasses are one the funniest gifts around!

It’s a dope Christmas gift! You can fill up stockings or provide a goofy prize to keep things festive around the office.

This fruity cotton candy is your ticket to fun. With 100% Cotton, a 3oz bar size, and a peppermint flavor, this white elephant gift for Christmas will be hard to beat. Now you can have hilarious party favors, stocking stuffers, or feed your sugar addiction any time during the day. Don’t be afraid to unleash some humor- everyone deserves a break for laughter on their icky workday!

Pinot Protector is the nitrile condom for friends’ wine. Always disposed of after use, Pinot Protector guarantees that you’ll never have to worry about wasting leftover wine again. This hilarious and functional product will surely be a great addition next time you’re looking for a little help in the pleasure department.

Customize this for any occasion with this funny beer glass. They are made for everyday purposes, so grab one today! Cool humor is always welcome in life, and these glasses will not disappoint. From their ability to withstand dishwashers – they WILL fit every need.

With fits for adults, these funny Santa costumes are more than just fun masks! Made from 100% cotton, these masks allow you to wear this awesome beard while staying safe. With sizes that fit anyone and a bunch of festive colors for your favorite saint or sinner, these beards will make the party great again.

This hilarious soap-on-a-rope shaped like a pair of shiny acorns is 9.2 long-lasting ounces of sudsy, clean shower time fun. The nutty almond scent will linger pleasantly in the air as this droopy sack soap gets that man in your life clean! Be sure to grab one for your friends today and say goodbye to smelly butt crack funk.

In just a few short weeks the Chia Pet will grow to full height and boast a luscious green coat! Not only does this little garden come with a modern ceramic planter, but it’s also great for gifts. Each Chia Pottery Planter is created using simple 6-step instructions on how to operate and maintain every creation too.

Hey there, peach lover! Have some fun with the butt-squeezing 3D Piggy Case today. This case is compatible with iPhone 11 and will provide this full-body strengthened protection of the phone while retaining the original outlook of the phone. The real pig novelty can resist any scratch or damage to make your device like new for a long time.

Funny Office Secret Santa Gifts

Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Doctors

Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Teachers

Secret Santa Gifts for Architects

Eiffel Tower Christmas Tree Decoration

This stunning Eiffel Tower ornament is perfect for adding a touch of Parisian chic to every holiday decor. 

Miniature Drafting Table Model Kit

This kit lets you build your own replica of a classic drafting table, complete with a stool, lamp, and 6 drawing tools. Assembly is required, and the level of difficulty is medium. The kit includes everything you need - parts, instructions, and even the mat board for the tabletop. 

Concrete Puzzle

This puzzle consists of six elements that are ingeniously connected to form a sphere. It's cast in a special casting compound with a beautiful light gray tint and comes with a rubber ring to display the puzzle. A great gift for puzzlers, concrete enthusiasts, architects, and more. 


Secret Santa Gifts for Nurses

Handbag Coffee Mug

This unique coffee mug is perfect for any fashion-savvy coffee lover. The mug comes with a corresponding saucer plate and teaspoon and can be customized. 

Nurse Treat Bag

This lovely nurse treat bag is the perfect gift for any nurse, student nurse, or retired nurse. It's big enough to fit lipstick and nail varnish in, and it's made from felt so it's really soft and tactile.

Personalized 'Important Nurse Stuff'

This stylish pencil case is perfect for storing all of those essential bits and bobs and can be personalized with the profession of your choice. Whether you're looking for a gift for a new nurse, doctor, or midwife, or a special present for someone who's already working in the medical field, this is a great option.


Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Students

Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Actors

Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Fashion and Beauty Workers

Funny Secret Santa Gifts for Player

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