Birthday Gifts for Stoners

In the world of birthdays, there is a special group that deserves a little more thought—the stoner. Yes, we know that you’re probably rolling your eyes at this idea and saying “Duh! I’m not going to give them weed for their birthday!” but hear me out. We have some pretty great gift ideas below that will surely please any stoner in your life because they are so tough to shop for. Trust us on this one. It’s worth it!

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Top Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas for Stoners

Top 5 Best Birthday Gifts for Stoners

Don’t miss the chance to celebrate with this funny, but durable birthday card! Perfect for the hard-working man in your life that might be feeling a bit of stiffness because he’s been on his feet all day. From grandpa to father and best friend, wish ’em well with smokin’ tobacco humor.

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White feather Catcher. A unique Dream catcher for stoners of today! Made with love and designed in Canada by the West Coast, this awesome decor catches good vibes while you’re high or dreams when you sleep! It’ll last year-round too because it doesn’t get wet (even if it rains on your bong!) – plus all-natural feathers make sure no bad vibes are coming through. Place it near any window to maximize the awesome vibrations.

A classic design that will never go out of style, engraved with your heartfelt message. This Micro Crusher is stylish and easy to carry – just the right size for any pocket or purse. This holiday season makes a perfect gift for family, friends, or loved ones!

This giftable set includes all your beeswax essentials in one handy kit. Pamper yourself with moisturizing cuticle cream, hand salve, and foot cream; then treat dry lips to soothing lip balm made with healing oils for extra hydration when you need it most.

Smooth hands never like before with our rich supplier of Shea Butter Hand Cream to heal rough skin while protecting against harsh elements or use the Coconut Foot Cream to soften feet naturally without greasy residue. The Original Beeswax Lip Balm is a go-to standby that’s natural, and pleasingly scented. It never irritates sensitive skin – just put it on for hours of resilience wherever you may roam!

Make socks that have the ability to say exactly what’s in your heart. The perfect present or birthday gift that will remind them of you every time they put it on their feet! Get creative by adding an original selfie onto these adorable custom-printed socks! Buttons, bunnies, gems, and so much more are at your fingertips with this user-friendly design tool–ready when you are!!

Birthday Stoners Gifts For Him

Stoner Gift From Photo

It's the perfect gift. He'll forever remember this special gift. This caricature is 100% hand drawn by a real artist using a digital tablet. All orders are handled with the utmost care to ensure we get a perfect result.

Stoner Stash Box

This beautiful cherry wood box is perfect for any occasion. The sleek design and small size make it a great addition to any space, and the 1/8" thick finished wood ensures that all belongings will be safe and secure. 

Herb Grinder the Best Stoner Dad

 This 1.5" wide grinder is made completely out of metal and is 4-Pieces with a pollen catcher (Also comes with a plastic pollen scraper.) Comes in a variety of colors, so you're sure to find one that dad will love.

Pot Pens Funny Gag Gift

These hilarious pens feature funny phrases like "4:20 Somewhere" and "It's Cannabis, Not Can'tabis." And for those times when you just need to get high, there's also "And then I got high" and "It's for medicinal purposes." Whether you're writing down your latest great idea or just doodling, these pens are sure to bring a smile to your face. So next time you're looking for a gift that's sure to be a hit, grab the Pot Pens and watch your friend light up with laughter.


Birthday Stoners Gifts For Her

Burn Box Smoke Kit Stoner Girl

This set includes everything a girl needs for the perfect holiday, all in a handy and adorable pocket box. Delicate pink color will definitely not leave her indifferent.

Stay High Stoner Kit

This set includes a beautiful pink grinder, an ice cream cone-shaped pipe, and your choice of either Sweet Strawberry, Vanilla Cake, or Pistachio Almond ice cream flavored herb.

A5 Funny Notebook Stoner Gift

The notebook is made of high-quality materials, with a hard recycled Kraft cover and spiral binding. It contains 80 sheets (160 pages), making it perfect for extended use. 

Magnet 420 Stoner Kitchen Decor

This cute magnet features a row of hand-illustrated cat portraits upon a multicolor leaf patterned background, with the caption "CATS & WEED ARE ALL I NEED". It's a perfect gift for any stoner or cat lover in your life!

Couples Family 420 Weed Stoner Pot Leaf

Pullover hooded sweatshirt is a premium quality, lightweight Hoodie. The perfect Hoodie for any pot lover or stoner, this Hoodie is sure to keep you comfortable all day long. It also features double-needle stitching and a generous pouch pocket.


Cool Birthday Gifts for Stoners

Each flag is made of high-quality polyester and hand-finished with a dye that won’t fade. Whether you’re looking for a light breeze or a strong wind, this 3×5 foot marijuana leaf water-resistant flag won’t disappoint you!

This is the perfect toy for the pup! With its squeaker inside, this adorable 9.5-inch stuffed dog toy is designed for all dogs, big and small! Simply shake it to get their attention or let them nibble on it – they’ll never grow tired of this extremely entertaining toy. Give the gift of laughter today with these one-of-a-kind fuzzy pets.

Get a beautiful space blanket of the galaxy and let your friends create their own constellations. Great for a night light, camping, or sleepover with friends. It keeps you warm even at night time! Retro colors make glow-in-the-dark blankets look totally awesome on any bed!

In today’s world, finding a hat that fits the style with the quality want can be difficult. The BH Cool Designs snapback is made from a premium wool-blend fabric for comfort and durability. Quality stitching on the hat’s visor ensures this cap lasts for years! And with an open crown designed to fit everyone, this structured cap also allows any hairstyle to work.

This is the perfect funny present for your best friend, dad, mom, husband, wife, grandparent of any gender. It’s cute and it’s funny! Give them this mug that will make them laugh each morning on their way to work or school with their first coffee. The ceramic material makes it dishwasher and microwave-friendly so they can use it at home or in an office environment — great on the go too!

This metal sign is perfect for every bar, coffee house, or home. It lacks the creativity to keep somebody safe, but will still suffice.

Forget what you know about curtains. The next level in bathroom privacy is here, and it’s so much more than just a sheet that hangs on the edge of every bathtub or shower enclosure! This new emvency Shower Curtain features an innovative design with eye-catching colors to guarantee you always have peace of mind when stepping into your bath space. This attention-grabbing design also makes for fantastic entertainment, with its incredible polyester material mirroring any light source around to create a fascinating holog.

Good Birthday Gifts for Stoners

Give your favorite weed-smoking, pothead pot-loving woman the gift she wants this 420! This throw pillow is just what they need.

This practitioner gifts makeup bag for women is perfect for all travel needs. Fill it with your favorite ointments, lotions and creams then toss on a fresh hat to match the season’s latest trends. It is large enough for passports and jewelry as well!

The perfect gift for when you want to give the best. These massagers offer deep massage with 8 bi-directional rotation massage heads for when you need relief (both neck & back). The heat function is good for muscle pain relief, and the ergonomic shoulder strap secures the seat or car seat while enjoying our relaxation treasures. Its soft textured PU leather design makes it durable, easy to clean, and pure delight on fingertips.

This Men’s bead bracelets are made of handmade molten rock, with high-quality materials. With an adjustable cuff that can fit most adults, this bracelet size makes it perfect for men and women alike.

Tiger eye bracelet essential oil diffuser is good for every human’s physical and mental health when worn due to healing stones like tiger eye stone and black agate stone in the design that will help release anxiety or fear in all who wear them.

This cute weed leaf 420 dope marijuana cannabis pot stoner rainbow lips design makes a great gift idea for girls and women. PopGrip with swappable top, switch out your PopTop for another design or remove it completely for wireless charging capabilities.

Mexican Yoga Blankets are wavy, bright, soft, and easy on your back. They’re perfect for luxurious lounging on the beach or in the park. Imported from Tlaxcala, Mexico by hand-tied tassels of contrasting colors make them personalized for everyone!

This handcrafted stash box is made of real Bamboo wood and features six storage compartments to keep you organized. With 100% premium bamboo, this box will fit all smoking supplies (rolling papers, jars) but also other accessories like money or jewelry.

Made sure to include trees and leaves for you on this not-so-basic table cover. This item is fun but durable enough to last through any planned party time!

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The Stoner Productivity Journal is a cool, creative, funny notebook for budding entrepreneurs or anyone who wants to improve their productivity. This discreet little journal includes quotes from the show “South Park” as well as other fun styles of writing. Each day’s page has inspirational thoughts and tasks to do to help everyone stay on track with their goals.

This pillow is perfect for any stoner, smoker, who loves dope, weed, ganja, and marijuana cannabis. Great gifty for the stoner friend or family in your life. Get high and smoke with this fun pillow.

Everyone’s new-and-improved cell phone stand is here! Made from high-quality resin, this heavy and robust stand will never fade or turn yellow under the sun. Whether you need a cradle for your IPad mini or Nexus 7 tablet, THIS was made for YOU! Universal compatibility means it’ll work with any smartphone – from the iPhone 11 Pro Max to 9 S6 Plus–plus e-readers too.

Unique Birthday Gifts for Stoners

This great lava lamp is fantastic for any party ambiance because it has the ability to create a realistic movement with wax globules floating in liquid, illuminated by light! Vivid metallic casing and AC powered make this alien head an absolute necessity for your living room or bedroom. Plus it’s on the smaller side, unlike other models which means people can use it as tabletop decor too!

Sleep soundly and take care of your bed with these luxurious sheets that were designed for a good night’s sleep. With the elastic hanging around the edges, nobody doesn’t have to worry about any gaps in coverage. They’re printed on both sides so they’re there when you need them; but only if you want to be super-extra weird and not show anyone what’s happening on your side of the bed.

Combined design for all kinds of marijuana smokers, the sober curious, and for those who support cannabis legalization with funny pot smoker t-shirts. These designs are also matched to our full line of quality iPhone cases so people can protect their investment too.

It is a keepsake that your gift-recipient can carry with them in their pocket to remember how special they are to you and how much you love them! It is a thoughtful token of appreciation to anyone who has accomplished something important like turning 21 or turning 18 years old.

The wonderful gift for any stoner or cannabis enthusiast, this cutting board is engraved with a bamboo LASER and will provide an awesome concrete surface. It’s perfect to use while cooking and allows you to prepare food in the kitchen safely and efficiently! It also has a great look about it – simple and elegant. Nobody doesn’t need all kinds of different kinds of boards cluttering up their cabinet space! This one does the trick really well!

Great Birthday Gifts for Stoners

This Roswell Alien Statue is the perfect addition to every kitchen table or living room! These figurines will feel right at home on any tabletop with their soft colors. People will always be prepared for salt and pepper with this set that comes with two matching shakers. The paint job of the removable characters is hand-painted meaning color tones may vary. Each statue stands at 7.5″ tall, 4.5″ long, and 4 inches deep, so they can stand anywhere they please!

This party might be way too lit. Your friends are coming over tomorrow, and it is time to do the most important thing you’ve got to do this week – wrap up their presents! This gift wrap may just lighten up your celebrations with its happy green palms, glossy leaves, and goodwill paraphernalia.

Believe in aliens that drink beer and UFOs in a glass. Drink till you believe in everything these creatures do for us. If you don’t, then maybe what they do is nothing… But anything’s possible when it comes from the deep depths of space! So let’s all take a sip from this incredible BEER pint today to celebrate the wonderful future our planet has coming up with these interstellar beings 🙂

Keep this keychain on you, so that every time your inclination is to give in to peer pressure, you’ll be reminded of how important it is to always make good choices. And if things go really wrong and you need some help? It’s nice that mom will pick up the phone for you. So forget the bottle cap messages or tattoos – this stainless steel engraved key protein ensures safety with style!

Is the ideal garden friend for smokers and pot enthusiasts alike. This cute and whimsical gnome figurine poses as a smoker’s best bud, welcoming guests to every home with his relaxed pose and resin material. Whether lounging on top of a battery-powered log or smoking on top of an entertaining battery timer timing system, this good time gnome will provide some eye candy and extend the warm invitation.

To buy him a unique oil burner pipe can also be a good idea.

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