5 Gift Christmas Rule: A Full-Length Guide With Gift Examples

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The 5 Gift Christmas Rule is a rule that dictates you should give 5 gifts to those closest to you for Christmas. This might sound like a lot, but it’s actually not as difficult as it seems! In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 5 quick and easy ways that will ensure your 5 gift Christmas rule goes off without a hitch!

The Secret to the Five Gift Rule is straightforward. Instead of wasting money on gifts or attempting to purchase enough presents to fill up space beneath the tree, we stick to the five-thing limit. Each object is classified according to a theme, making shopping easier.

In the 5 Gift Rule, the first four presents are all about what they want, need, wear, and read. And for the fifth gift, it is experience.

How Much Do Parents Spend on Their Child for Christmas?

According to a recent survey, American moms plan to spend an average of $400 on gifts for each child this Christmas. One in ten respondents said they would spend more than $800 on gifts for each kid. Despite the poor economy, only one-fourth of parents say they will spend less on presents this year, and people generally end up spending more than planned.

The National Retail Federation (NRF) predicts that Americans will spend about $998 on gifts, food, and decorations in 2021-2022, the same amount they planned to spend in 2020.

How to Incorporate the 5 Gift Rule for Christmas?

I am a big fan of the holiday. I’m also a giver, and I enjoy giving. But I’m also thrifty. I prefer to get gifts for individuals that they will like and value — things that are meaningful to them.

We’ve never been one to over-indulge our children at Christmas. It originates from the days when parents would go overboard and then have to come up with extra money for layaway payment or open a new credit card just for presents.

We determined that was not the experience we desired for our sons, so gift-giving was scaled back significantly from what we’d done in the past. It wasn’t until my Grandparents brought two GIANT building black bags FILLED with stuff for my littles that we realized there needed to be a change in strategy.

5 Gift Rule Christmas Present Ideas

What should you get your children for Christmas with a 5 Gift Rule? Here’s a list of ideas for each of the five categories.

Something They Want

The big-ticket present. This is the toy or gift your kid truly wants. This is self-explanatory. Of course, your kid may add something to this list that’s totally excessive, but it will at least provide you with a few options to choose from. Perhaps it’s a bike or scooter, a dollhouse, a train set, or some remote control equipment.

The greatest benefit of this is that it informs you exactly what your youngster desires, not simply the newest hot toy or fad on the market. It will most likely have something to do with the current technology or gaming system as they get older, but you know your financial restrictions best.

Something They Need

Hobby item, sports equipment, necessity. You could be receiving a gift of new winter boots or underwear. It may be a new bed comforter, a new backpack, or anything else they’ll need.

It might be a new fishing pole or a booklight if they don’t want anything. It’s always nice to pique their interests, and I’m always on the lookout for a way to provide kids with additional activities aside from looking at a screen.

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Something to Wear

Clothing, shoes, accessories. Hide and seek light and sound, as well as a shape sorter baby learning game, are ideal for teaching toddlers to share and take turns, and it’s never too early to start having fun (and increasing their motor skills) with ease wooden peg-style jigsaw puzzles.

Something to Read

Books, magazines. A great present for kids is a book; you can get them any sort of soft book, bath books, one to attach to pushchairs, highchairs, and lights and sounds musical storybooks.

Something to Experience

Adventure, game, movie, outing, activity. Allow your youngsters to select something they’d want to do as a family outing. Of course, there’s the chance they’ll say they want an all-inclusive 14-day vacation to Disneyland or Mexico, so remember to establish limits! You may simply inform them that it needs to be realistic.

The second shooting is devoted to family time together and making cherished memories, which there’s nothing dearer than.

Some common examples of things to do are:

  • bowling
  • mini-golfing
  • going to the movies or a drive-in
  • visiting an arcade/game-center
  • indoor trampoline/play place

Or perhaps they’ll choose something outdoorsy and adventurous like:

  • ice skating
  • sledding/tobogganing
  • snowboarding/skiing
  • tubing
  • canoeing
  • hiking
  • planning a camping trip for next spring or summer
  • dinner out at a new or favorite restaurant
  • something simple like having family game night once a month
  • charity work

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