Top 13 Best Dog Crates of 2022: Review & Buyer’s Guide

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Dogs are one of the most lovable creatures on earth without whom our life is incomplete. Every dog owner wants to provide their dogs with every facility. If you are a pet enthusiast and want to know about the best dog crate which can tick all the right corner whether its comfortability or security then keep on reading and learn about some of the best dog crates online. These dog crates are created by keeping in mind all the necessary aspects.

These dog crates are suitable and reliable for all types of dogs including adults and small. If you want to spend your money on the thing that actually worth it then you should consider one of these. Dog crates need to be portable and easy to carry so that you can take them without any effort during travelling. We have a vast collection of Dog crates along with outstanding features that will make your life easy. You should consider any of these according to your own choice.

Best Dog Crates and Kennels Reviews

1) Best Choice – MidWest iCrate

This crate is for you if you are in the middle of training your puppies.

MidWest Homes for Pets Newly Enhanced Single & Double Door iCrate Dog Crate, Includes Leak-Proof Pan, Floor Protecting Feet, Divider Panel & New Patented Features
132,004 Reviews
MidWest Homes for Pets Newly Enhanced Single & Double Door iCrate Dog Crate, Includes Leak-Proof Pan, Floor Protecting Feet, Divider Panel & New Patented Features
  • Newly enhanced with added security features to keep your pet safe | Slide-bolt door latches now feature patented Paw Block and locking tips to create a safer, more secure home for your pet
  • iCrate single door dog crate measures 42L x 28W x 31H inches and is suitable for large dog breeds with an adult weight of 70-90 pounds. If your dog’s weight or measurements are on the higher side for this crate, we recommend buying the next crate size up
  • Dog crate includes a divider panel, durable & leak-proof plastic pan, protective rubber feet, carrying handle, and customer support team based in Indiana
  • Easy to assemble & portable | Dog crate sets up in seconds with no tools required and conveniently folds flat for travel


  • This crate works best in the time when you are about to train puppies.
  • The crate is made with the dividers installed inside of the crate in order to allow the puppy to move freely in the available crate space.
  • This crate works best until the puppy grows into a full-size adult dog.
  • The cage comes in two forms one is the single door style and the other comes with the double door style.
  • If your dog belongs to a big dog breed, the ideal crate dimension is 42 lengths by 30-inch width by 28-inch height.
  • Every crate comes with a whole year of money-back warranty.
  • The metal with which the crate is made is super safe for your dogs even if you are away from your house.
  • The manufacturer installed two super-strong latching bolts for each door that cause sliding motion per door which ensures a safe and secure home for your pet.
  • This is a very portable dog crate and can be travelled along with you anywhere you go.


  • 18 inch with divider
  • 30-inch crate along with the divider
  • 48 inch with the divider
  • 22 inch along with the divider ( single door)
  • 36 inch along with the divider ( single door)
  • 42 inch with divider
  • 48 inch with divider (single door)
  • 24 inch with divider
  • 22 inch with divider
  • 36-inch divider
Pros Cons
  • Wide Space so that puppy can move freely.
  • Available in single door and double door style.
  • Safe environment for your dog.
  • It’s a portable dog crate and can be carried easily anywhere.
  • Money-back guarantees for one year.
  • It does not work for adult full-size dogs.
  • Metal connectors need improvements as they connect the sides together.
  • It can be damaged if you have a strong dog.
  • Edges are slightly sharp which can hurt your dog.



2) MidWest Ultima Pro Crate

To be honest most of us want to own that crate which is extra durable so that we don’t have to spend our money over and over again. If you are such a person then the ultima pro crate is the best option for you.

MidWest Ultima Pro Series 36' Dog Crate | Extra-Strong Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate w/Divider Panel, Floor Protecting 'Roller Feet' & Leak-Proof Plastic Pan
1,859 Reviews
MidWest Ultima Pro Series 36" Dog Crate | Extra-Strong Double Door Folding Metal Dog Crate w/Divider Panel, Floor Protecting "Roller Feet" & Leak-Proof Plastic Pan
  • Product dimensions – 37” L x 24.75” W x 28” H | Weight – 43 lbs. | For dogs with a weight between – 41 to 70 lbs. | Mesh – 1.5” x 4” | Wire gauge – 3, 7, 9, 11
  • Convenient double door (front & right side) dog crate configuration with two slide-bolt latches per door securely locking doors in place
  • Dog crate folds flat for convenient storage, travel & portability | Ultra strong crate design creates a safe place for your pet while you're away
  • Ultima Pro is the strongest, thickest wire gauge & most durable metal dog crate MidWest Homes for Pets manufactures | This dog crate is great for strong dogs, show dogs & pet parents who travel a lot with their dog and use their dog crate often


  • It comes with a leakage-proof pan.
  • The crate is made up of a tough metal body which makes it the strongest crate in the category.
  • The crate is specially designed for pet owners who are fond of travelling and prefer to take their pets everywhere they go.
  • The crate is good for the big dogs are the ones that have a heavy build. Due to its high portability, it can be placed anywhere in the house, it can also be packed in a more compact form so that it won’t take much space in the house and you will fold it if the dog is not around.


  • This crate comes in 7 different sizes
  • It has durable dividers so that you can adjust the space inside of the crate according to your requirement.
  • The total weight of the crate is approximately is 37.5 pounds.
  • The manufacturer is offering free shipping anywhere in the USA (Click on this Button below for placing your order right now!)
Pros Cons
  • It’s the most durable and strongest dog crate.
  • Includes a leak-proof plastic panel.
  • Easy to carry anywhere.
  • Easily adjustable during the growth of your puppy.
  • Available in 7 different sizes with ideal weight.
  • There are no such cons of this product; the only thing that needs improvement is the gate wires which can be made stronger.
  • The limited opening capacity of doors.



3) ecoFlex Pet Crate (End Table)

A Wooden pet crate is also a very beautiful piece of furniture. The wooden crate is made up of elite-quality wood and is crafted keeping in mind the modern-day interior decoration furniture.

ECOFLEX Dog Crate - Russet Small
7,521 Reviews
ECOFLEX Dog Crate - Russet Small
  • Made of ECOFLEX, a non-toxic recycled plastic-wood polymer composite material that won't warp, crack or split
  • Spindles made of stainless steel tubing and a stainless steel latch; double latches on large and X-Large crates
  • Easy, no-tools assembly. Interior Dimensions- 20.9 L x 15 W x 17.9 H inches. Door-11 W x 16 H inches
  • For dogs up to 20lbs


  • Made of ecoFLEX, a non-toxic recycled plastic-wood polymer composite material that won’t warp, crack or split
  • Spindles made of stainless steel tubing and a stainless steel latch; double latches on large and X-Large crates
  • Easy, no-tools assembly.
  • For dogs up to 20lbs
  • Inspiring your pet style



4) Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel

This is one of the most widely used crates all over America. This crate is not only loved by the owners but also by the pets.

Petmate Ultra Vari Dog Kennel for Medium to Large Dogs (Durable, Heavy Duty Dog Travel Crate, Made with Recycled Materials, 40 in. Long) 70 to 90 lbs
895 Reviews
Petmate Ultra Vari Dog Kennel for Medium to Large Dogs (Durable, Heavy Duty Dog Travel Crate, Made with Recycled Materials, 40 in. Long) 70 to 90 lbs
  • DOG AIR TRAVEL KENNEL: This large dog travel kennel features tie-down strap holes, wire vents for ventilation a raised interior to keep pets safe and comfortable For large dogs 70-90 lbs Measures: 40"
  • AIRLINE-ADAPTABLE: This dog crate meets most airline cargo specifications Made with heavy duty recycled plastic material and features an easy-open front latch to quickly access pets
  • KENNELS HOUSES: Crate kennel training is vital for dog safety comfort We provide traditional travel carriers, wire training exercise kennels, play pens, barn-style dog houses more
  • Petmate: For over 50 years, we at Petmate are passionate about our dogs, cats furry friends in general Starting with the very first dog kennel, we've produced plenty of eco-friendly products that pets will love


  • The body of this crate is made of heavy-duty plastic which ensures that the crate won’t lose its shape.
  • There are 4 different dog crate sizes with a slight increase in the price.
  • The manufacturer provides the buyer with two colour options that are taupe and black.
  • If you are someone who travels a lot via plane then this crate is best for bringing your pet friend on the journey.
  • This plastic dog crate meets most of the Air line’s flying standards so it is easy to say that it is the safest crate for your furry friends during flight.


  • Following are the four sizes of Petmate Ultra Vari Kennel:
  • First one suits perfectly to the 25 to 30 pounds dogs. The price of this crate is normal.
  • The second one is perfect for those pets which weigh around 30 and 50 pounds. Be aware that carrying this specific crate for the dogs that are heavier than this weight can actually lead to breakage of the crate.
  • The third category of crates is for pets that weigh between 50 and 70 pounds.
  • The fourth and the last crate made by Petmate works well for dogs that weigh anywhere between 70 and 90 pounds. This is the best dog cages for cars.
  • Assembly of this crate is super easy and can be done by any member of the family, besides that it comes with easy to open latch.
Pros Cons
  • The plastic body of this crate will remain in its shape forever.
  • Available in different sizes for both adult and small dogs.
  • It’s a portable Kennel that can be easily carried anywhere.
  • Easy to assemble without any tools.
  • Overall there are no such cons of this product but the only thing which needs improvement from the manufacturer’s side is the size which can be increased for better use.
  • Plastic can broke down if your dog is strong.



5) EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate

At times metal and wooden dog crates are difficult to move as these are pretty heavy. A good thing about this crate is that it is made up of fabric which makes it easy for you to move and store it anywhere in the house.

EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate, Indoor & Outdoor Pet Home, Multiple Sizes and Colors Available (36' L x 24' W x 28' H, Maroon)
11,680 Reviews
EliteField 3-Door Folding Soft Dog Crate, Indoor & Outdoor Pet Home, Multiple Sizes and Colors Available (36" L x 24" W x 28" H, Maroon)
  • Size: 36" long x 24" wide x 28" high; 2" wider and 4" higher than most other brand 36" soft crates, so the EliteField soft crate makes your dog feel more spacious; fully assembled; set-up and fold-down in seconds, no tools needed.
  • The crate frame is made of strong steel tube; the crate cover is made of high quality durable 600D fabric and hex mesh fabric; a well ventilated, stylish, lightweight and durable crate
  • Three mesh doors (on the top, front, and side) for convenience and for sunlight and breathability; two accessory pockets on the top and side; removable and washable cover and bed
  • Free carrying bag and fleece bed included; a handle and hand carrying straps on the crate, hand carrying straps and adjustable padded shoulder strap on the carrying bag allow for many carrying options; folded crate with just 3" height for easy transport and storage


  • With its sturdy metallic body and soft edges, this crate is perfect for both indoors and outdoors.
  • The manufacturer has designed three doors in the crate so that your pet can easily access the inside and don’t feel stuck.
  • You can also zip the doors when your furry friend is in a mood for sleeping.
  • The fabric of this crate is waterproof and also doesn’t accumulate any sort of odour which makes it super easy for you to clean.


  • The Manufacturer has designed the crate with a weaving mesh panel in the middle so that your dog can stay ventilated at all times.
  • The alignments and folding of this crate are very easy and don’t require much mental effort.
  • The manufacturer also provided the buyers with a fleece bag in which you can carry the crate without any difficulty.
  • Other than that, there is an extra-large dog crate option of colours for you too.
  • The crate is available in 5 different sizes and dimension, choose according to the size and weight of your pet.
  • You will also get 2 years of warranty which claims if you are unsatisfied with the quality of the crate then all your money will be returned with an application of terms and conditions.
Pros Cons
  • It’s an ideal crate for strong dogs as it has a metallic body.
  • It has three doors which can be easily accessible for your dog.
  • It’s a waterproof crate which can be cleaned easily.
  • Ventilation is good so that your dog can easily breathe.
  • It can be easily carried anywhere during travelling.
  • If your dog is not well trained for crates then it can create a problem.
  • If your dog is strong then he can easily chew the zipper lining which can be torn.



6) Petnation Port-A-Crate

This is the greatest dog travel crate for our furry friends. One great thing about this crate is that it can be assembled with maximum ease.

Petnation 610 Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets, 28-Inch
5,883 Reviews
Petnation 610 Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets, 28-Inch
  • Lightweight, portable indoor/outdoor pet home
  • Tightly weaved mesh fabric panels surrounded by extra-strong steel frame
  • For pets up to 35 pounds, Extra Small - 16"L x 11"W x 11"H;Small - 20"L x 13"W x 13"H;Medium - 24"L x 16"W x 16"H;Large - 32"L x 11.5"W x 23"H;Extra Large - 36" x 25" x 25"
  • Sets up and folds down in seconds; no tools necessary. The pet home comes in a variety of different sizes for dogs from 10 pounds up to 70 pounds.


  • With the padded handles and light-weight, you can store it anywhere you like without any discomfort as it doesn’t accumulate much space in the house.
  • Due to its ventilated interiors, your pet will feel happy and relaxed inside the crate and you won’t have to train them a lot for it.
  • The manufacturer has created two ways of entrance for your pet one is from the front and the other is from the top so that your dog can get inside of the crate whenever they feel like and they won’t need your help for this.
  • You can buy it in six different sizes so choose it according to the weight and size of your pet.
  • Each size has a slightly different price than the other.
  • The main manufacturer of this crate is from China so you can definitely tell by this that it is super sturdy.


  • Two entrances for the pet, front, and the top.
  • It has been designed with rounded edges after keeping in mind the decoration of the houses and the environment of the house.
  • Can be assembled and sorted within seconds so that anyone would be able to do it.
  • The fabric this crate is made up of can be easily washed in just one go so that the owners would not spare much of their time in cleaning.
  • The crate is very well ventilated so that the dog wouldn’t feel exhausted and suffocated while being inside of the crate.
  • The manufacturers have installed a good quality zipper and a very heavy-duty metal frame so that the crate won’t lose its shape or gets damaged within the initial years of purchase.
  • It is highly advisable that you measure your pet from head to toe before purchasing the ideal crate otherwise the crate will be either too big or too small for your furry friend. T
  • The crate should be 4 to 6 inches longer than your pet so that your pet won’t feel stuck up and suffocated.
Pros Cons
  • Highly ventilated environment for your pet which will make your pet relaxed.
  • Multiple ways of the entrance which will make it your pet easy to get inside without your help.
  • Available in multiple sizes for small and adult dogs.
  • Easy to assemble without the help of an expert.
  • The heavy-duty metal frame is used so that the shape remains the same even after several years.
  • A strong and durable body that won’t get damaged during the initial years.
  • If your dog is new to crates then there is a chance he can escape by scratching a hole.
  • Adult or strong dogs can scratch through the mesh.



7) 2PET Foldable Dog Crate

When innovation meets with elegance and class, 2 pet foldable dog crates are finally made. One good thing about the manufacturer is that they share 1 part of their earnings with the pet shelters.

2PET Foldable Dog Crate - Soft, Easy to Fold & Carry Dog Crate for Indoor & Outdoor Use - Comfy Dog Home & Dog Travel Crate - Strong Steel Frame, Washable Fabric Cover, Frontal Zipper XL Beige
4,469 Reviews
2PET Foldable Dog Crate - Soft, Easy to Fold & Carry Dog Crate for Indoor & Outdoor Use - Comfy Dog Home & Dog Travel Crate - Strong Steel Frame, Washable Fabric Cover, Frontal Zipper XL Beige
  • ALL-IN-ONE FOLDABLE DOG CRATE – If you’re looking to buy a foldable dog crate that combines all the functionality with a touch of class & innovation, 2PET Fold-A-Crate is the perfect choice – All-in-One dog crate for indoor, outdoor, training & travel purposes – Refer to the size chart for size details
  • STRONG STEEL TUBE DESIGN – Unlike many other flimsy & makeshift dog crates out there, Fold-A-Crate uses a strong yet lightweight steel tube design that can be folded/unfolded in a jiffy – Includes a top handle to convert it into a fully-functional pet carrier
  • WASHABLE SOFT FABRIC COVER – The steel frame is covered with a water resistant, soft Oxford 600D fabric cover (a nylon variant) that is fully removable & machine washable – The new & improved design includes full frontal zipper that dogs can’t easily chew to bits
  • PERFECT VENTILATION, MESH PANEL WINDOWS – Thanks to the well-designed bone-shaped windows & mesh panels, this foldable dog crate maintains perfect natural ventilation – This kennel comes with a waterproof mat for the floor of the crate reversible washable fleece cushion pad


  • The manufacturers also give off 1 year of money-back warranty.
  • The manufacturer has installed a very sturdy zipper along with the zipper protector so that the pets won’t chew it off or damage it in any way.
  • The crate has a mesh fabric panel at the back and sides of the crate so that it gets super airy and non-suffocating. Besides that net enables your pet to see you or at least be in access with you so that they won’t get scared or anxious.
  • You can choose from 3 different colours that are skin, red and blue.
  • The door of the crate is also made out of the net.


  • The crate is made of washable nylon which is easy to clean and put back on. The frame is made up of stainless sturdy steel.
  • It can be used for both outdoor and indoor dog kennel
  • It can easily get folded and takes in less space than the other crates of this category.
  • The base of the crate is made up of fleece which gives off a cozy sensation to the pets.
  • You will also get a handbag in which you can fold and carry the crate anywhere you go.
  • The crate comes in 5 different sizes that are small, medium, large, X-large and XX-large.
  • The small crate is about 20 inch in the size, the medium crate is 24 inches in size, the large crate is 28 inch in size, X-large is in 32 inches in size and XX-large is for 36 inches in size.
  • The manufacturer offers free shipping all over the states no matter where you live, you will get it definitely for free.
  • For purchasing this crate, please click on this Button below.
Pros Cons
  • It has strong zipper protector which can’t be chewed easily.
  • Non suffocating environment so that your pet can watch you.
  • Available in multiple colors and sizes for adult and small dogs.
  • Easy to clean and wash.
  • It’s a portable crate which can be carried anywhere.
  • Zipper can derail easily.
  • Mesh window can break if your dog is strong or adult.



8) Merry Products Pet Cage

This crate provides ease and comfort to your furry friends.  Security is one of the most crucial factors when buying the crate for dogs. Merry pet 2-in-1 crate is perfectly safe and secure and is known for its multifunctional purposes.

Merry Products Pet Cage with Crate Cover, Medium
762 Reviews
Merry Products Pet Cage with Crate Cover, Medium
  • Dimensions(WxDxH): External: 21.5" x 32.7" x 23.3", Internal: 19.2" x 30.2" x 18.6"; Door: 13" x 15"
  • Panels cover the main components of the crate giving the crate a more finished and interior-appropriate appearance like furniture.
  • Our solid crate top allows personal items to be stored on top, taking full advantage of the surface area with no effect on the crate or pet inside.
  • Includes removable plastic tray that can be pulled out for cleaning purposes


  • This crate comes with an adjustable doorway for your pets which keep your dog safe from danger. Due to its wooden body, it is well blended with the rest of furniture at your home.
  • If your pet pal is getting arrogant then buying this crate will help you in restricting their access to the rest of the house.
  • You can always unfold the crate and make a gate out of it, in fact, the unfolding and adjustment of this crate is super simple and quick. You can adjust it anywhere in the house without much problem.
  • You will not need any piece of hardware to adjust this crate. Sliding the wooden panel together will transform it into a form of a kennel. Here are some key factors about this crate that you should keep in mind before purchasing it:
  • The setup of this crate is very easy and it comes with wooden panels that are slide fit.
  • Except for pins, this crate doesn’t require any hardware tools.


  • The crate comes with a fence mood which enables you to change the crate into a fence depending on the room size where you want to place it.
  • Due to its wooden body, it easily blends with the rest of the house furniture and doesn’t give an awkward vibe just like the other crate as they are made up of different materials.
  • It also comes with a mode known as kennel which allows the dog to lounge or sleep inside of the crate.
  • This is the most multi-purpose crate design in the market so buying this will not give you any regret what so ever.
  • At the base, the manufacturers have installed a tray made out of plastic, which is super easy to take out and clean.
  • This crate comes in two sizes that are medium and large. The dimension of the medium size is 32.5 inch of length by 23.5-inch in width by 22.5-inch of height whereas the dimension of the large size crate is 40-inch of length by 31.5-inch of height by 28-inch in width.
  • Choose the crate according to the size of your pet so that you would not feel the inconvenience of any sort afterward.
  • The delivery of both these sizes is free of cost no matter where you in the States.
  • The available color for this crate is just brown.
  • Click here if you are ready to place your order.
Pros Cons
  • It’s made up of wooden body which can be placed anywhere with other furniture.
  • Easy to assemble without any tools.
  • You can easily clean the crate because of the plastic tray.
  • It can be carried easily anywhere.
  • Door can be easily unzipped if your dog is trained.
  • Door zipper can be chewed.
  • Mesh fabric is used in the doors which can be torn easily.
  • Zipper often gets derails.



9) Lucky Dog

This wire dog crate is known for its high quality and high-end finish which is sadly absent in most of the other crates. With high quality, this kennel also ensures the high-end safety for the pets too. The whole frame of this kennel is made of the steel with the finish of the black powder.

Lucky Dog Pet Resort Kennel 48 x 48 x 52 in Outdoor Pet Pen w/ High Density Waterproof Polyester Roof Cover & Dual Access Door Gate, Gray
3,381 Reviews
Lucky Dog Pet Resort Kennel 48 x 48 x 52 in Outdoor Pet Pen w/ High Density Waterproof Polyester Roof Cover & Dual Access Door Gate, Gray
  • HEAVY DUTY WELDED STEEL KENNEL: The Lucky Dog complete box kennel is perfect for residential or professional use. Steel bars and wire mesh are welded before coating to prevent sharp edges that may harm your pet.
  • WATERPROOF COVER INCLUDED: The heavy-duty waterproof cover and steel roof frame fit the outdoor cage perfectly and the enclosed ends provide your pet with full protection from sun, rain, snow and debris. Sturdy elastic cords won't break or stretch and hold the cover securely for a snug fit. The roof pitch allows for water, debris and light snow to run off instead of accumulating on the roof
  • EASY TO CLEAN: 1.5" raised legs make the enclosure easy to sweep or hose out to prevent the buildup of dirt, keeping your pet healthy and happy
  • SIMPLE SETUP: This outdoor dog pen has pre-assembled modular panels that connect quickly and easily using hand tightening clamps, no tools required! Ground anchoring is recommended


  • The steel is corrosion free and won’t get out of shape for a long time.
  • The door of this kennel is specially designed a bit longer so that you can bring the bigger dog inside of the crate without any inconvenience.
  • The pets feel safe and happy in this kennel. The manufacturer also gives you a coat so that the dogs would remain dry in the rainy and cold seasons.
  • This kennel works perfectly if kept in places like basement, deck, backyard or the patio. This crate also works amazing if you are planning to go camping and bringing your dog alongside.


  • This kennel comes in 3 different sizes that are designed after keeping in mind different weight and sizes of the dogs.
  • Besides the residential purpose, this kennel also works well for the professional purposes.
  • There is a pitch in the roof which ensures that no snow or debris gets accumulated on the top. T
  • The crate comes in three different dimensions which are created by keeping in mind the size and height of your dog.
  • The first size of the crate that is available right now comes with 6 inches of height by 4-inches of width and 4-inch of length.
  • The second dimension is 6 inches of height by 4-inch of width and 8-inches in length. The third crate is created with 4.6-inches of height by 4 widths by 4 widths.
  • The shipment of this kennel is done without charging a single penny.
  • Most metal kennels get worn off if it is kept in sun long for a long period of time but this kennel is designed in such a way that even if it is exposed for years to the outside world it will still not get damaged at all.
  • For placing the order, tap here and have the world’s best and most recommended crate at your doorstep. It is also one of the cheap dog crates on the market so far.
Pros Cons
  • Frames are made up of steel which will help the kennel to remain in its original shape for years.
  • It provides a fresh and wide environment for your dog.
  • It also has a coat that will help the dog to remain dry during the rainy season.
  • You can carry it anywhere as it is portable and low weight.

Available in multiple sizes for adults and small dogs.

  • It’s a lightweight kennel that can break if your dog is strong.
  • Size can be slightly different from the picture.
  • There are no other possible cons of this product but only thing which can be improved is the door lock which can easily get unlocked if your dog is trained.



10) SMONTER Heavy Duty Dog Crate

This is probably the most heavy duty dog crate on the market so far which makes it super long lasting.

SMONTER 38' Heavy Duty Strong Metal Dog Cage Pet Kennel Crate Playpen with Wheels, I Shape, Brown …
715 Reviews
SMONTER 38" Heavy Duty Strong Metal Dog Cage Pet Kennel Crate Playpen with Wheels, I Shape, Brown …
  • Non-toxic:Our strong dog kennel is the metal frame of treated with a multi-layer hammer-tone coating that helps the crate stand up to rust, corrosion, scuffs and scratches, perfect for indoor and outdoor use.Safe and non-hazardous dog cages protect your pet's health, so you don't have to worry when it chews and licks.
  • Rugged :Our heavy duty dog crates Made out of reinforced steel and having all parts welded which means our heavy duty dog cage can prevent even the most aggressive canines from escaping. Sturdy metal frame provides optimal ventilation and visibility which offer your dog a comfortable and reliable environment.Suitable for most medium and large dogs,two PATENT locks with the safety buckles to prevent the dogs from opening the door and escaping.
  • EASY TO CLEAN & MOVE:Our heavy duty dog crate is shipped partially assembled, just need to open it and fixed with screws, then fitted with four wheels, other locks have been pre-loaded.Usually people can finish installation within ten minutes.Removable (slide-out) plastic tray helps you to catch the fallen dog food and excrement,and allows you to wipe and clean easily.
  • A door and locking caster design: the front door is suitable for pets in and out. You can attach a 360-degree rotating caster to the bottom of the cage to easily roll the cage to another position or leave the caster away for added stability.


  • If your dog is known for making up the mess or if it shows signs of arrogance then this crate is designed by keeping in mind all of your needs.
  • This crate comes with 4 wheels which make it easy for you to move it anywhere you want both indoors and outdoors.
  • The manufacturer has designed this kennel in 3 beautiful colors. However only 48 inches model is available in bright yellow color. The other two colors in which the crate is available are the brown and silver color.


  • This kennel comes with two doors one is at the top and the other one is on the side so that the pets would come in and out without any hindrance or your help.
  • The locks on the crate are pre-loaded.
  • You will need only for screws to join this crate altogether. Besides that, there are wheels available with the crate that you have to adjust with four screws. In other words, the assembly is not time- consuming and it can be done with ease by anyone.
  • The kennel comes with a detachable tray that is placed at the bottom of the crate. The tray is very easy to clean and doesn’t require much effort at all.
  • The steel frame is stainless and won’t get rusted for years.

This crate comes in two different sizes one is 38 inches and the second one is 42 inches in size so it is advisory for you to choose the right size of kennel after analyzing the height and size for your pet. Here is a link for you to order it online and have this wonderful crate in your home without paying the price of the shipping.

The overall dimension of the 42 inches crate is the 38 inch of length by 26 inches in width by 32 inches of height. The strong steel frame won’t let the shape of the crate gets D-Shaped.

Pros Cons
  • It has 4 wheels which will help you to move it easily.
  • Contains 2 doors so that your dog can get inside without your help.
  • It can be cleaned easily without any effort as it contains a tray.
  • Stainless steel is used in the frame which will protect it from rust.
  • Latches can be opened by your dog if he is well trained.
  • The metal slat floor can cause injury to your dog but the chances are very low.
  • There are no other possible cons of this kennel, the only thing which can be improved are the latches.



11) ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

Most pets love to escape from the cage. No matter how much you train them but still most of the pet wants to escape and mess up the whole house when you least want it. This crate is designed for keeping in mind this aspect.

ProSelect Empire Cages - Medium
1,305 Reviews
ProSelect Empire Cages - Medium
  • Dimensions: 33.75" H x 37" W x 25.13" L | Bar Spacing: 2.25''
  • 20-Gauge Steel Cage – This ProSelect Empire dog cage is extremely strong with reinforced 0.5-inch diameter steel tubes and 20-gauge steel
  • Medium-Sized Cage – (26 - 40 lbs)
  • Floor Grate With Tray – Cleanup is easy with this ProSelect dog cage because of its grated floor with tray


  • This is the heavy duty and strongest model created by the manufacturer.
  • The steel frame of the crate is 3rd of the quarter of an inch thicker and is reinforced very closely with each other just for the added security.
  • Besides that, the steel frame is resistant to marks, stain, rust, and corrosion.
  • By all means, this cage is non-destructible and it cannot leave its shape no matter what.


  • This crate has created by keeping in mind the pets who like to escape most often form the kennel and at times form the house of the owner.
  • The manufacturer has created this crate after keeping in mind the dogs that are at a stage where they bite, chew or use their claw on the owner.
  • This crate is resistant to the harshness of weather and whether it is the cold or rainy season, you kennel will remain as it is damage free.
  • This crate comes with door latches and has contained floor grating.
  • The crate includes 4 casters for locking purpose and it also has a steel tray that can be slide to easily without much effort.
  • There are two sizes available in this kennel
  • Each has a different dimension than the other. T
  • The small kennel comes with a dimension of 35.75 inches by 23.5 inches by 24.5 inches.
  • The large kennel has a dimension of 42 inches by 30 inches by 41 inches.
  • Choose according to the size and weight of your dog so that you won’t select the wrong kennel.
  • It comes with free shipment all over America.
  • Click here to place your order online. Please click on this button below.
Pros Cons
  • It is made up of metal which makes it the strongest dogs create.
  • The steel frame is protected from rust, stains, and corrosion.
  • The shape will remain the same because of its durable body.
  • It’s good for strong and adult dogs because its strong body won’t let your dog get escaped.
  • Multiple sizes are available for adult and small dogs.
  • Wheels can break in case of excessive use.
  • The door welding can break if your dog is strong.
  • There are no other cons of this product but the only thing that can be improved by the manufacturer is the wheels and welding that holds the door.



12) Sliverylake 3XL 48” Dog Cage

This is the famous crate which is sold out right after re-stocking so get your hands on one before it again finishes.  We know what a disaster it is to leave your dog at home when you go to work because every time you come back you will see your house gone upside down. Having a crate at this point feels like a blessing and nothing else especially if you are a parent of a puppy because these little fluff balls can get enough of destroying your precious house.


  • This beautiful crate is sold in 4 different color ranges for you to choose from that are silver, golden, bronze, and brown.
  • You can choose the colors that compliment your house furniture and décor. Besides that, the manufacturer has given 3 different sizes for you to choose from according to the size of your puppy.
  • The first one is 32 inches, a second one is 42 inches, and last but not least the third one is 48 inches. The crate is created form a very strong and heavy-duty steel body.
  • The crate has two composite doors, one at the top and one at the side.


  • There is a plastic tray on the bottom side of the crate which collects all the waste made by the dog. You can easily slide out the tray and clean out all the waste easily.
  • One door of the crate can be locked and the other one comes with the bolt latch.
  • The crate has 4 wheels and the owner can lock two of the wheels in the crate for added safety.
  • This crate has been highly rated by several pet owners over amazon so if you are confused regarding anything to do go through the reviews of the owners and you will for sure make up your mind.
  • Follow this link to place your order for this kennel and have it at your doorstep without paying a single penny for the shipment. Click on this button below.
  • So, get your hands on this best dog crate furniture.
Pros Cons
  • It is available in multiple colors and you can choose your favorite one according to the color of your furniture.
  • It is made up of a strong metal body.
  • It has a plastic tray which will help you to clean the waste without any efforts.
  • Wheels can be a lock for the safety of your pet.
  • As far as cons are concerned there are no major defects in this Kennel reported.
  • Price is slightly high but features are outstanding so it’s not a major issue.



13) Casual Home Wooden Pet Crate

This crate is good for everyday use. Not just you’re your dog will also fall in love with its crate so get your hand as soon as possible.

Casual Home Wooden Large Pet Crate, End Table, Black
2,043 Reviews
Casual Home Wooden Large Pet Crate, End Table, Black
  • Solid wood construction for pet-safe durability and longevity | Made in Thailand
  • Product dimensions | Overall – 36.5” L x 24” W x 29.25” H | Internal – 33” L x 21” W x 26” H | Intended for larger pets – Between 25-40 lbs. | Weight limit – 200 lbs. | No divider included
  • End table design gives this pet crate a native feel that blends with light and easy assembly
  • Lockable gate for your peace of mind with solid wood construction for increased durability and longevity


  • This wooden crate is one of the easiest to assemble crates in the market so far.
  • With its elegant brown color, it can easily blend in the interiors of the house.
  • This crate comes with a lock so that you won’t be worried much about your dog back home.


  • The crate comes in 2 sizes one is of24 inches and the other one is 27 inches.
  • The crate is also used as the end table which makes it multipurpose. The weight of this crate is 41.5 pounds.
  • If you are interested in purchasing this kennel then click right away on this link and be the lucky owner of this beautiful and elegant kennel.
Pros Cons
  • Easy to assemble without the help of an expert or tools.
  • Available in elegant brown color which can be placed along with other furniture.
  • It has a durable lock which will ensure the safety of your dog.
  • Bars can be chewed if your puppy is strong.
  • The quality of wood needs some improvements overall.
  • The smell of the paint can be worst if your pet is sensitive.


How to Select the Crate Size in a Correct Way?

The most crucial aspect when it comes to purchasing the right crate is the right size for it. The intention is to purchase a kennel that is neither too big and nor too small with respect to your dog. Before placing your order record everything about your dog especially their height, size and weight so that you can purchase the size of the crate which proves to be most comfortable for your dog.

Last but not least try to measure your dog when it is sleeping because you do not want to buy a crate in which your dog is unable to sleep comfortably.  Buying a very large crate has multiple drawbacks, one of it is that your dog will do the toilet at only one section of the crate and it gets pretty difficult for the owner to clean it up.

Which is the Best Crate for Puppies?

If you are the lucky parent of a puppy then the best crate for them is the one with a divider. Dog Crate Divider allows you to section out the kennel into two parts which means that you are giving a specific amount of area to your puppy which it needs as per the requirement of its size. As a puppy grows older slide the divider backward so that it will get the space as per its requirement and growth rate. Try to purchase a small dog crate if you have a small puppy.

A Crate Should Possess How Many Doors?

Crates often come with the single, double or triple door but the real question is how much is actually required in an ideal crate. To me, a crate with two doors is best because your dog will be able to access it from both back and front. In some of the crates, you can close one door and use the other for the entrance and exit of your pet which is quite cool. You can also check out the dog crate size chart if you are confused about the doors or sizes.

What should you add in the Crate so that your Dog Can Attract Towards it?

Dogs at the beginning feel anxious when they get inside of the crate. You should, however, make this process easy for them by giving it a home-like interior. Firstly put something to eat for your dog so that if they feel hungry they will have something to munch on otherwise they will try to get out of an empty stomach. Add some toys too that are approved for dogs; the dogs can play with the toys when they get bored.

Toys prevent anxiety in dogs which they feel when you go leave them inside of the crate. Last but not least, do not give your dog a feeling that it is being punished inside of the crate otherwise you will never be able to keep it in the cage. You can also purchase a calming spray during the crate training session; it will ensure that your dog is getting less anxious when you put them inside of the crate.


Owning a dog crate is of utmost benefit not only for you but also for your dog. We know that dogs love chewing stuff and sometimes there chewing can lead to tearing of pillows and shoes etc. in this article you are going to learn about 13 amazingly best dog crates. So select the best crate in the market for your furry friends and invest wisely.

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