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I hope my review will help you to understand something about handheld massagers.

Different kinds of people have different kinds of problems in our lives, but pain is a common problem in our life. Back pain, muscle pain, neck pain is common matter in our life, sometimes it becomes severe when we don’t take any steps about this problem. Handheld Massager is the device that solves this problem easily.

Handheld massagers are very popular for soothing muscle pain and relaxing. These massagers are designed for easy use and become more comfortable for users. Handheld massagers are specially designed for home use and some massagers are abroad. You don’t need to go to the spa if you have this device.

All you need to do with this device just plugin and place it at the right spot. Massagers can equally reduce anxiety and headaches as well as with these devices. They come in different models and lucrative designs which attract thousands of users who are really suffering from muscle pain.

Some massagers have battery systems, which can rechargeable. One problem with these devices is the fact that you will be spending money on battery quite often. However, most corded models usually have more power than rechargeable batteries. So your ideal selection will depend on your choice.

Handheld massagers come with different heating system options. The best are infrared heating options because they penetrate the muscle better to provide a soothing and relaxing mood.


Benefits of handheld massagers

Reducing stress there is a huge amount of people who are not aware of how much affects their lives. Being stressed can make it difficult for you to concentrate on your daily work. The handheld device helps to lessen your stress.
Reducing aches and pains naturally repetitive activities that you are engaging in throughout your day can cause severe pain on your shoulder, neck, and back. If your job is more physically active, it is normal to have pain on your feet and back. A personal Massagers can help fight these aches and pains from your important parts of the body.
Keep the muscle strong handheld massagers make the muscle smoother. So you can recover your energy with the help using this device.
Making exercise more effective after having regular exercise you might have been a pain in your neck, back, and shoulder. It will reduce your pain and make your exercise more effective.

Top 4 Handheld Massagers

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager - Handheld Therapy with Variable Intensity to Relieve Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulders, Muscles & Legs for Arthritis, Sports, Plantar Fasciitis & Tendinitis
12,068 Reviews
Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager - Handheld Therapy with Variable Intensity to Relieve Pain in the Back, Neck, Shoulders, Muscles & Legs for Arthritis, Sports, Plantar Fasciitis & Tendinitis
  • Purchase Now – Enjoy all the benefits this handheld variable percussive body massager has to offer; Enjoy the restorative power of deep tissue massage in your home & without the pricey spa appointments
  • Variable Intensity – Features a variable speed dial for gentle to intense massage; Reduces pain & fatigue from joints, sports injuries, arthritis, muscle knots, stress, & improves flexibility
  • 4 Unique Attachment Heads – Flat disc for extra wide coverage, 4-finger flex to replicate fingers from a massage, acupoint head for pin-point relief of tension, & deep muscle ball to relax the body; Attachments reduce pain & fatigue from joints, injury, muscle knots, & stress
  • User Friendly – Sleek, long handle for all-over muscle comfort for the back, neck, shoulder, legs, hands, feet, full-body, cellulite, & more; Professional quality & therapeutic to release pressure points, promote circulation, reduce inflammation, muscle soreness, stiffness, chronic pain, & fibromyalgia
  • Long 9 feet power cable – Increased length gives you greater flexibility during usage; Treat yourself to a post work out massage or after a stressful day at work; Batteries Required: No

This is made to generate up to 3350 pulses per minute, WHAL 4290-300 delivers a fulfilling deep tissue massage. Its lightweight design makes it more comfortable for users. If your muscles are sore, tight, or fatigued, its high-performance percussion system never disappoints. The powerful motor that it uses, for instance, works well in most settings.

WHAL 4290-300 has variable intensities that you can customize on your demand. The powerful motors work well over the years as like from a beginner. You will get also a four-finger flex, flat disk, and deep Massager equipment. With an original product, you will get a well-designed accurate tool.

If your budget is tight then it is the product for you. You can afford it easily. It is quite durable and low maintenance.

Pros Cons
  • Powerful motor
  • Easy and low maintenance
  • Multiple attachments
  • Sleek and ergonomic design
  • 3350 pulses per minute
  • Variable speed
  • Uneven pulsating patterns
  • Flimsy design



HoMedics Percussion Action Massager with Heat

HoMedics Percussion Action Massager with Heat | Adjustable Intensity , Dual Pivoting Heads | 2 Sets Interchangeable Nodes , Heated Muscle Kneading for Back , Shoulders , Feet , Legs , & Neck
13,306 Reviews
HoMedics Percussion Action Massager with Heat | Adjustable Intensity , Dual Pivoting Heads | 2 Sets Interchangeable Nodes , Heated Muscle Kneading for Back , Shoulders , Feet , Legs , & Neck
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & PORTABLE: This Handheld Heated Massager is lightweight and portable. Bring it with you to work, on the train, plane and in the car. It weighs less than 2.5 lbs, so it won’t add much weight to your suitcase. Its ergonomic rubber handle allows easy handling and gripping. The interchangeable massage heads are small and lightweight as well. Bring this therapeutic tool when you travel to give yourself a stimulating, relaxing massage wherever you are
  • SOOTHING HEAT FEATURE: This deep kneading handheld massager has an optional heating feature. The use of heat helps to penetrate tired muscles making your massage even more soothing and relaxing. Deep kneading nodes mimic the movements of a massage therapist to help loosen knots and relieve pain. NOTE: The heat function works best when the attachments are removed and the red heat nodes are exposed
  • DUAL PIVOTING MASSAGE HEADS: The dual pivoting massage heads operate at up to 3100 pulses per minute. Enjoy the four different speed settings allowing you to enjoy a gentle, relaxing massage or a more vigorous, deep tissue massage. The easy-to-use buttons are located on the top of the massager. Switch the interchangeable massage nodes for a softer, or firmer massage. The percussion nodes move up and down, delivering an intense professional massage experience
  • SIMPLE TO USE: Simply press the POWER button located on the top of the handle. To increase the intensity of the massage, continue to press the POWER button until the desired intensity is reached. To turn the unit off, press the POWER button past the highest intensity setting. To activate the heat function, press the HEAT button located above the intensity bars on the top of the handle. To cancel the heat function, press the HEAT button a second time
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED: One HoMedics Percussion Massager with Heat. Two sets of interchangeable massage nodes. One wall outlet adapter. One 30-day money back guarantee. Two-year limited warranty

It is one of the best percussion massagers. It comes with a sleek and nice design. Weighting is only 2.5 pounds, which attracts thousands of customers. This big advantage of this product is easy to use. There is no need to use an additional device to use this product. Check out all you need when using lucrative characteristics of Homedics HHP-3350 percussion action massager. This device strongly proved that it has an excellent quality to do a perfect performance.

HoMedics HHP-350 Percussion Action Massager has some specialties. It creates remarkable comfort on your pressure spot smoothly. It is not perfect for some users who want to massage deep tissue. For instance, there are 3 massage programs, including firm, gentle, and overheat, so you can choose what type of massaging you needed.

Pros Cons
  • Easy to operate
  • Well designed
  • Affordable price
  • 3 massage system
  • Lightweight design
  • Not powerful



Thumper Mini Pro Percussive Massager

Thumper Mini Pro Percussive Massager - Deep Tissue Massage for Muscles, Back, Shoulders, Legs, arms. Powerful Percussion Electric Handheld Massage Therapy Gun with Long Handle and 3 speeds
1,502 Reviews
Thumper Mini Pro Percussive Massager - Deep Tissue Massage for Muscles, Back, Shoulders, Legs, arms. Powerful Percussion Electric Handheld Massage Therapy Gun with Long Handle and 3 speeds
  • PROFESSIONAL MASSAGER - Designed for professional chiropractic and home use as an all-round robust and durable massager. Improves circulation and helps reduce muscle fatigue. Over 40 years experience with over 1 million Thumpers sold worldwide.
  • FULL BODY MASSAGE - Ideal for warming up muscles, increasing blood flow, releasing muscle tension, and helping joint mobility. Long handle helps to reach back, legs, arms, feet, and shoulders.
  • VERY QUIET AND COMFORTABLE TO USE - Virtually no kickback to the hands and arms so you can massage for longer without any pain or discomfort. Very quiet for a peaceful and pleasant massage experience.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, POWERFUL & DURABLE - 3 speed settings at 20, 30 and 40 pulses per second. Manufactured in Canada with quality components and weighs only 3lbs (1.4kg). The 12ft (4m) cord allows you to be in a comfortable position and maneuver with ease. Carry case sold separately for travel, portability, or storage.
  • 2 YEAR WARRANTY - Each Thumper Massager comes with a 2-year warranty and is hand-manufactured in Canada!

The mini pro is an effective product for health care. It is designed for use in professional uses. Its ideal product for warming up muscle, increasing blood flow, which is important about releasing muscle tension.

Its long handle helps the users to use it properly themselves at home.

It is very special for reaching areas like the shoulders and mid-back. This product is excellent for its weight, only 3 pounds. You can take it with you when you are going to travel.

Pros Cons
  • Three-speed settings at 20,30 and 40 pulses per second.
  • It’s designed for two-handed use.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Heavy DC motor.
  • Hand manufactured in Canada, ensuring the best quality.
  • Heavyweight
  • Heavy battery support



Oster Professional 103 Stim-U-Lax Massager

Oster Professional 103 Stim-U-Lax Massager
2,122 Reviews
Oster Professional 103 Stim-U-Lax Massager
  • Made of 100% ball bearing construction
  • Traditional frame design with special frame contour to fit hand and reduce hand fatigue
  • Chrome housing and rubber hand pad
  • Heavy-duty, single speed
  • Operates on 120 volts, 60 Hz, AC.

This is the Massager that has been used in the salon. Berber uses this product to give relaxing feelings. It used in direct skin to give satisfying scalp massage. The Oster professional 103stim-u-lax Massager delivers the best performance as possible.

The rubber grip hand pad ensures that the messager will not drop on the floor from your hand. This grip pad the device easy to use. With such a heavy design it works very well.

Pros Cons
  • Rubber hand pad
  • Single-speed motor
  • Traditional frame design
  • The Cord is short
  • Can be a little hard on the hand



Benefits of Electric massage therapy

Electric massage therapy is very beneficial for your health. Massage therapy can be performed by a therapist or with an electronic device. The electronic device is the product for the massage at home. Massage therapy will keep your body well and reduce your pain which is caused by doing hard work.

  1. Relaxation. There are different kinds of devices which can give you great relaxation. The vibration movement relaxes the underlying muscle, that’s why you will get relaxation in your muscle.
  2. Pain relief. The pain problem is a common problem among people. Massage therapy can reduce your pain. The electronic device is best for you. because you can apply massage therapy anytime at home by using electric massage therapy.
  3. Improvement of circulation and digestion. Electric massage therapy is not only for relaxation it can improve your circulation and digestion. When your blood and oxygen are moving easily and more efficiently, your tiredness becomes less, you will feel more active and happier overall. It will also improve your digestive system.

Electric massage therapy plays an important role in our life by providing great action. So, you should need to apply electric massage therapy for your healthy life.

Guide about Best Handheld Massagers

Every device has some caution about using it. The Power source is an important fact about that. Perfect voltage is required to keep your device long days well.

If you are suffering from any kind of a pain in your body, you should use the handheld Massager for solving your pain problem. Keep your body well using this product and lead a healthy life.

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